Wedding Reception Insurance

Wedding Reception Insurance

With crowds of friends and relatives, music, food, and often alcohol, wedding receptions are exciting events with the potential for accidents and unexpected circumstances. Brides and grooms who are looking for wedding reception insurance to protect them from possible risks can get expert advice from an independent insurance agent about the types of coverage available.

Wedding reception insurance policies vary from event to event depending on the venue, expected size of the wedding, and other unique event features.  Policies often include liability coverage to protect the event hosts from bodily or personal injury, or property damage during the party. Liquor liability may also be relevant, depending on event plans.

The following is a list of reception insurance options available:

  • Wedding attire: Sometimes, the wedding reception can get a little rowdy. If someone in your wedding party damages their suit or dress, this will provide coverage for repair or replacement of the item.
  • Lost deposits: One of the worst things that could happen on your wedding day is if the reception venue or any vendor associated with putting together your reception either goes out of business or backs out of their contract. You don’t want to be left paying for a cake you didn’t receive. So, this type of coverage will help you to pay for the loss of your deposit.
  • Personal liability: Sometimes by no fault of their own, a guest may accidentally injury themselves while at your reception. Should Aunt Janice fall down the stairs and break her leg, personal liability coverage will help you to pay for her medical expenses.
  • Property damage: Whether your reception is held at a rented venue or at your home, you need to make sure that you are protected against any accidental damage. You don’t want your college friends getting too wild on the dance floor and accidentally breaking a few chairs. The facility will usually require you to have insurance, should a scenario like this happen to help recover the costs.
  • Rented property: If you plan to rent tables, chairs, a tent, or decorations, you will want to make sure you return them to the company in one piece. It’s a good idea to have those broken dishes or damaged table covers protected with insurance.
  • Host liquor liability: If you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding reception, it is recommended that you purchase liquor liability insurance. If a guest experiences a bodily injury or causes damage to the reception venue because of alcohol, then this will help recover the losses.
  • Gifts- Typically, guests bring their gifts for the newly married couple to the reception venue and place them on a designated gift table. If someone were to steal some of those gifts, or if they were lost in transit to the couple’s home after the reception, gift insurance would help to protect you.

In the midst of worrying about all of the details that go into planning a wedding, it can be a challenge to spend the time necessary to understand all of the options for Wedding Insurance.  By contacting a local independent insurance agent, brides and grooms can rest assured they are getting professional input on crafting a policy right for them and their event.

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