The Uninsured Wedding

The Uninsured Wedding

Tornadoes are nothing new for residents of the central United States, but when a tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma in May of 2013 it nearly destroyed more than just a couple’s home. Unfortunately, they had an uninsured wedding coming up.

While saving money on your wedding may be one of your top priorities, don’t skip out on insurance. When Mady Gosh and Jason Velasquez realized their home had been heavily damaged by the tornado they feared the worst had happened to their plans for a dream wedding. To their great surprise, they found that the tornado had somehow managed to miss all the important details for their upcoming event, from planning materials down to their gown and suit.

Despite the issues the storm caused, Gosh and Velasquez managed to carry through with their wedding as planned, and in June of 2013 had their dream Disneyland wedding just as they had hoped to all along. No tornado was going to interrupt their happiness, and the couple claimed that, if anything, the event helped to bring them even closer together.

They were lucky. Another, unnamed couple’s engagement was crippled by the loss of the bride’s visa to the storm, resulting in deportation issues for the couple when she was forced to return to China to await a new one.

Severe weather is only one of a great number of things that can happen to postpone or even cancel a wedding entirely. Sickness, injury, or even something as simple as your wedding venue going out of business are all problems that couples have to deal with on a regular basis when it comes to planning their nuptials, and can all be disastrous if not handled correctly. Even when they are, fixing the problem or re-scheduling around it can be prohibitively expensive to the couple involved, with the economy itself in some cases serving to cause just as many issues as any disaster could ever hope to.

While vigilance is the best way to guard against last-minute wedding problems, sometimes things can’t be predicted and can’t be helped, and for those situations, wedding insurance exists.

Around the same time as Gosh and Velasquez were dealing with their tornado issues, the famous UK location Debenhams had a wedding disaster strike a party to the tune of over 85,000 pounds in claims when a marquee collapsed with the wedding party inside, surrounding the not-so-happy couple and 150 of their guests in glass, steel, and splinters. While luckily nobody was hurt, the event still caused all of those involved a great deal of consternation, and even after their insurance payout the bride and groom were still forced to reschedule their event.

These horror stories are only extreme examples of the kinds of things that can lead to wedding day disasters, or weddings not happening at all. From the mundane to the extreme, though, wedding insurance can help to secure that special day for you and your loved ones and keep it safe from the multitude of problems waiting just around the corner to mar your event.

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