Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

You’ll remember your wedding for the rest of your life. When you’ve been preparing for your special day for months, maybe even years, you want to ensure that everything goes according to plan, especially since the average wedding costs about $25,000 today.  With all of the time, thought, and money you’ve already put in, it’s upsetting to imagine something going wrong on your wedding day.  However, as any wedding planner can attest, even the best-laid plans can be derailed in the face of unexpected circumstances. That’s why you should consider purchasing wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance allows you to stop worrying and concentrate on enjoying your celebration. Plans can cover costs in the event that your wedding must be postponed, or liability for property damage and personal injury. There are generally two types of wedding insurance:

Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Wedding Event Cancellation InsuranceThis covers the financial commitments you’ve already made in planning your wedding. Purchasing cancellation insurance will cover the lost fees and deposits to vendors if you need to cancel or postpone your wedding due to inclement weather, unforeseen illness, or accident. Military deployments may also be covered.

If your intended spouse suddenly falls ill and is unable to attend the wedding, this policy will allow you to recuperate most of the costs of postponing your wedding.

Event insurance can help to recover deposits to vendors who don’t show and cover costs to repair damaged, lost wedding clothing or gifts, and lost photography and videography.  For example, if the florist you’ve hired goes out of business just before your wedding and refuses to refund your deposit, your wedding insurance policy can reimburse you for the cost of your deposit.

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Wedding Legal Liability Insurance

This will cover costs associated with property damage or personal injuries incurred at the wedding or reception.  So, if your reception gets a little rambunctious and reception venue holds you responsible for damages to their property, wedding liability insurance can help you cover the costs. This policy can also be amended to provide Host Liquor Liability insurance if needed. If you rent a hall, you may be required to produce a certificate of insurance. Bring a copy of your lease agreement to your local agent to discuss the contractual insurance requirement.

It’s a good idea to research and purchase wedding insurance at the same time you start to make payments (deposits for venue, florist, etc.) related to your wedding day.  Insurance companies often offer basic wedding insurance packages, but it’s best to sit down with a knowledgeable insurance agent who can help you determine exactly what types and amounts of coverage are right for you and your event.  Working with a good agent, you can find a reasonably priced package that is tailored to your needs.  Your agent may even you a discount on premiums if both types of insurance are purchased together.  For a nominal fee, wedding insurance can protect the investment you have made in the first day of the rest of your life, leaving you free to enjoy every minute of it.

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Wedding Ring Insurance

Wedding Ring Insurance most likely doesn’t cross people’s minds until they’re in the midst of planning their event. The most conventional and perhaps proper way to insure a wedding ring is by purchasing a jewelry rider on the owners Homeowners Insurance policy.  The cost required to insure a ring is mostly dependent on the cost to replace it.

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Wedding Dress Insurance

What bride-to-be hasn’t imagined a disaster occurring with their wedding dress?  While it can’t prevent a stressful wedding dress fiasco, Wedding Dress Insurance can provide the cost to replace or repair a lost or damage dress.

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Wedding Reception Insurance

With crowds of friends and relatives, music, food, and often alcohol, wedding receptions are exciting events with the potential for accidents and unexpected circumstances. Brides and grooms who are looking for Wedding Reception Insurance to protect them from possible risks can get expert advice from an independent insurance agent about the types of coverage available.

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Destination Wedding Insurance

A destination wedding is special in so many ways. Couples may be drawn to a destination wedding because of a location that is special to them, or for the opportunity to have a smaller celebration.  No matter the reason, a destination wedding requires unique considerations in planning and a couple’s Wedding Insurance policy should reflect that.

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Engagement Ring Insurance

Everyone remembers their own proposal story, and your engagement ring is a physical reminder of this magical moment and everything that it represents. Whether your fiancé spent $500 or $15,000 doesn’t matter, but you would feel awful if were lost or stolen. Purchasing engagement ring insurance will provide you with a sense of relief in knowing that you will be protected for the big day, and 30 years down the road.

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Wedding Insurance Cost

Most couples planning for one of the most exciting days of their life are doing so with a detailed budget to make the wedding is an event they can afford.  Knowing all the expenses that go into making a spectacular wedding day, many brides and grooms have moments of worry that something unexpected will change their plans and require an expensive fix. Thankfully a Wedding Insurance can protect the investment couples make in the first day of their marriage.

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Cheapest Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance is increasingly common as people look to find ways to protect the investment they make in planning their big day. With so many large expenses associated with weddings, it’s no surprise that many brides and grooms are looking for cheap Wedding Insurance.

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Best Wedding Insurance

The best Wedding Insurance is not the same from couple to couple. Brides and grooms who wake up in the middle of the night worried about unexpected accidents or weather wreaking havoc on their carefully planned day can help to ease their minds by purchasing Wedding Insurance.  Just what Wedding Insurance is the best for them depends entirely on their specific event and an independent insurance agent can help figure out what kinds of insurance coverage are best for each couple.

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Compare Wedding Insurance

Many couples don’t think about Wedding Insurance until well into the wedding planning process and, at that point, are overwhelmed by the list of tasks to complete before the big day. But it’s important that couples take time to compare Wedding Insurance options in order to purchase a policy that fits their unique situation. An independent insurance professional is able to help couples look at all of the available options from a variety of insurance providers to help them find the coverage they need.

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Wedding Photographer Insurance

Wedding Photographer Insurance policies often include general liability insurance to protect the photographer against injury caused by her or her equipment, equipment insurance to cover the cost of damaged or stolen cameras, computers, etc., and professional liability insurance to protect against unexpected errors in providing their professional service, such as hard drive failure causing loss of photo files.

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Wedding Planner Insurance

Wedding Planner Insurance most often includes liability insurance to cover the actual wedding planner in the event that a client alleges negligence or other professional errors. Often called E&O or Errors and Omissions coverage, this coverage is something all wedding planners should consider carrying. Depending on the nature of the wedding planning business, other coverage may be required, such as workers compensation to cover other employees of their business operation.

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Wedding Venue Insurance

Wedding Venue Insurance can provide a couple different types of liability coverage. First, most Wedding Insurance policies will cover the deposit paid to a venue under certain circumstances that require cancellation or postponement. Second, some venues require that couples purchase their own Liability Insurance to protect them as hosts of the event.  Liability Insurance covers incidents resulting in bodily or personal injury or property damage.

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Wedding Insurance Quotes

Making a decision about Wedding Insurance may not be as exciting as choosing a venue or a caterer, but as with any wedding planning decision, the best way to make an informed decision is to compare Wedding Insurance quotes.  Insurance providers may offer different options for Wedding Insurance and policy quotes allow couples to compare prices as well.

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Uninsured Wedding

Not every wedding goes off according to plan. Weddings are subject to bad weather and other unfortunate events. Most losses can be covered by insurance.

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While the majority of people want an agent involved in their purchase of insurance, many people want to see if they can save money by buying direct from the insurance company. Others want to try a direct quote to make sure the premium they’re now paying through their local agent is fair. If you want a quote for your coverage, click on the competitive quote button on the right side of this page.