Wedding Dress Insurance

Wedding Dress Insurance

There are several hit shows on television that follow women as they prepare for their wedding day. One of the most exciting aspects of planning any wedding is deciding upon the right dress. Many brides-to-be spend hours trying on different dresses in order to find their dream gown. They might go to several shops before finding the right one. It’s an exciting moment when you finally zip, button, or tie on the right dress and you just know: this is my wedding dress. But, do you have the right wedding dress insurance?

Now that you have the right dress to wow your future husband and wedding guests as you walk down the aisle, you want to make sure that it stays in mint condition. Wedding dresses aren’t cheap, and it would be terrible to have to buy a second one. The average cost of a wedding dress in 2013 was $1,100. Many brides store their dresses at the wedding shop, while others keep it in their home closets zipped in a garment bag. You don’t want anything to happen before you slip into it on your wedding day. What happens if something damages the dress before your wedding?

Imagine the following scenario: It’s your wedding day. You and your bridesmaids are in the bridal suite at the church putting on makeup, fixing your hair, and getting dressed. When the florist arrives with the delivery of flowers for the bridal party, you are excited to see your bouquet for the first time. You pick up your flowers and admire their color and beauty. As you set your bouquet back down and continue to get ready, one of your bridesmaids utters, “uh oh.” The florist did not properly prepare the flowers and you now have yellow pollen stains on the front of your dress. And you haven’t even taken any wedding pictures yet!

Fortunately, your quick-thinking aunt runs to the nearest dry cleaner with your dress. The clerk was able to clean most of the stains out of the gown in the few short hours before the ceremony. But, it came at a cost. While it can’t prevent a stressful wedding dress fiasco, wedding dress insurance can refund the cost to replace or repair a lost or damaged dress.

In general, you can get coverage for your wedding dress as part of a package that covers much of the wedding attire. This includes the bridal dress, the veil, the groom’s tuxedo, and the outfits worn by your attendants. Not only will it help to pay the costs for any damage to the attire, like pollen stains, but it will also protect you against lost and stolen items.

Wedding dresses are often a significant expense in the wedding budget and it is a good idea to protect that financial investment with wedding dress insurance.  Wedding dress insurance is usually part of a wedding insurance policy that covers a variety of potential incidents.

Fortunately, wedding insurance, no matter the coverage that you choose, is relatively inexpensive. The average cost is between $150 and $550. Even one of the most expensive policies will only be approximately $1,000. Such an expense is nothing compared to the costs of the average wedding today. Knowing that your wedding dress and other aspects of your wedding will be protected will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the planning and your special day.

An independent insurance agent can offer brides advice about their options for wedding dress insurance, and can help them determine if there are other types of wedding insurance to consider as well.  With the help of a professional insurance agent, brides can get the peace of mind they need to concentrate on the positive aspects of wedding planning.

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