Camper Trailer Insurance

Camper Trailer Insurance

The Open Road

Setting out on the open road with your camper in tow is one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather. Once the snow melts away, you know that it will soon be time to relax away the summer at a campground. Whether it be a fifth-wheel trailer, conventional trailer, or pop-up tent trailer, these portable units are great for camping and recreational activities. But, do you have the right camper trailer insurance?

Unfortunately, owning a camper trailer can also have its pitfalls. According to an article written by Julian Gothard of The Examiner, “Having an accident in your RV or trailer is probably one of the worst nightmares imaginable – as many RV’ers can attest. In my case, in two short years I have had my muffler fall off on a California freeway, my fridge door drop off  in an Oregon KOA, sailed down a highway in Arizona with my slide topper deployed like a spinnaker and electrocuted myself in a snowstorm in Flagstaff.”

Improper maintenance, lack of knowledge, and operator error can cause damage to your trailer. Therefore, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage with a specialized camper trailer insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance is designed to protect your vehicle. If you attach a camper trailer to your truck, it may be covered, but only in certain circumstances. You may have liability coverage for the trailer through your auto policy, but only while in transit. Once you have parked your trailer in your backyard, at a campground, or in a storage facility, it is no longer covered.

Much like a horse trailer, your camper trailer probably holds many of your personal valuables and equipment. In both instances, automotive insurance is not sufficient enough to protect you against accidents on the road and other risks, like theft and vandalism.

Camper Trailer Insurance

Camping Trailer Insurance

Camping trailer insurance, also referred to as travel trailer or conventional trailer insurance, is unique coverage designed to protect your trailer and your personal belongings inside the camper while either stationary or in transit. Owning a camper trailer comes with a wide variety of risks that need to be protected. The following coverage options should be considered when speaking with your independent insurance agent:

Comprehensive: If you experience a sudden accidental loss due to vandalism, theft, collision, fire, weather, or animals, then comprehension insurance will have you covered. You may purchase either an actual cash value or replacement cost policy. The actual cash value option helps you to replace the items based on what they were actually worth. So, if your camper trailer is 20 years old, it is probably worth less than when you purchased it. If you want help covering the entire cost of a new camper trailer, than a replacement cost policy is your best bet.

Liability: Owning a camper trailer means needing liability protection while being towed and in a stationary position. Someone may trip or fall while in your camper or on your campsite. Liability coverage helps to pay for their medical bills and any lawsuits that may follow. If the camper trailer accidentally catches fire and the flames spread to nearby trailers, liability insurance will help cover the replacement expenses.

Collision: This type of insurance will help to reimburse you for the damage the camper trailer sustains in the event of a collision. If you hit someone else’s car or property, this will help to pay for the repairs to your trailer.

Emergency Expenses: If you break down on the road because of a mechanical failure to the trailer, or if the trailer becomes unhitched and veers off the road, you may incur some unexpected costs. Emergency expenses coverage will help to pay for roadside assistance, towing the trailer to a repair shop, and even a night in a hotel while you wait for the trailer to be fixed.

Property Damage: Many camper trailers contain specialized equipment to make the travel experience more enjoyable. The outside of the unit may have awnings, a satellite dish, and antennas. On the inside, you probably haul personal property like televisions, kitchen appliances, and even drapes on the trailer windows. Property damage coverage will help to pay for replacement items if the camper trailer is vandalized or involved in a robbery.

Safety Tips

Camper Trailer Safety Tips

Having the right insurance will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your camper trailer and equipment are protected. In order to avoid any potential accidents or damage, follow proper safety techniques and regulations.

  • Check to make sure you have attached the trailer to the vehicle properly and check the safety chains.
  • Test the brake lights and signals.
  • Practice towing and backing up around your neighborhood before setting out on a big trip.
  • Don’t buy a camper trailer bigger than your current needs or one that is too heavy to be towed by your vehicle.
  • Remember to expect it to take longer to accelerate and to stop when driving with the camper trailer in tow.
  • Do not exceed recommended speed limits.
  • Before towing the camper trailer out of the campground, make sure your path is clear and that you have unplugged the utilities.

Speak with an Agent

Set up a meeting or call a local insurance agent today. They will have the knowledge and expertise in camper trailer insurance necessary to help answer your questions. Based on your specific needs, they can recommend the right coverage for you.

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