Three Surprising Things After a Car Accident

Three Surprising Things After a Car Accident

Car accidents are terrifying. Even at a slow speed, a several-ton vehicle carries immense amounts of destructive force capable of damaging property and hurting people. Cars can feel safe when everything’s going right, but the moment you feel impact, your comfortable illusions will dissolve in no time. You might experience three surprising things after a car accident.

And the impact is just the beginning. Some of the hardest parts of a car accident occur after the event ends.

Your Insurance Might Not Cover Your Claims

Money is usually the furthest thing from a person’s mind when they get in a traffic accident. Numbers in a bank account seem abstract when you’re checking yourself, your passengers, and the other automobile’s occupants for life-threatening injuries. Not to mention vehicle damage. Those all seems more important than money. And anyway, you have insurance, right? Isn’t this the kind of situation insurance is designed for? Haven’t you been a loyal customer?

You might be surprised at the ways your insurance company tries to weasel its way out of doing its part to help you. Insurance companies might try to blame you for your accident in order to protect their own funds. Do not expect your insurance company to help you get the money you want; in fact, the research is clear that insurers are far more likely to shell out the money you’re owed when a survivor teams up with a lawyer who’ll fight for him or her in court.

Your Emotions Will Cloud Your Judgement

After an accident, you might have difficult time making sense of your experience. When you try to discuss the events with traffic officers, the other driver, or your insurance company, you will likely find that your memories are jumbled. This confusion might make it difficult for you to effectively make an argument to your insurer that you need the money they owe you.

Additionally, you might be tempted to take more blame than you deserve, in order to calm the other driver down. By accepting blame, you could incur greater costs than is fair, and your monthly premiums could skyrocket. Do your best to keep a cool head when discussing a car accident, no matter who you’re talking to.

Driving Becomes Terrifying

An accident can make you feel like a new world has been revealed to you. A terrifying new world. Once you’ve seen the damage an automobile can do in the blink of an eye, you will likely have a heightened awareness of the dangers presented constantly in traffic. If you suffer permanent psychological damage as a result of a traffic accident, you may be entitled to further compensation. Be honest with yourself, and report any emotional damage to a professional. Not all wounds are visible.

Keep a Cool Head. Don’t Let the After-Effects of an Accident Keep You Down.

A car accident is scary enough on its own. The things that happen afterward, though, can take equally serious tolls. If you suffer an accident, keep your head together. Your insurance company might not have your best wishes in mind, no matter how good of a customer you’ve been. Watch out for predatory behavior, don’t act rashly, and monitor your long-term mental health in the months after an accident.

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