Telemedicine’s Value

Telemedicines Value

What is telemedicine’s value? Resolutions, they peak on December 31 slowly descending into oblivion. In my experience, the minute I share a resolution I feel every move I make is under a magnifying glass. This year I decided to change things up a bit. I questioned if my self-discipline to positive change would be easier if I shared with only one person. Yet here I am spilling it to the world. This is the year I will be healthy for my family.

I enjoy the challenges of raising four children. My husband and I claim responsibility for shaping our children’s education and extracurricular activities, while keeping them healthy. Like many parents in society today, juggling work, education, activities and performances demand a carefully coordinated plan. Sometimes a parent will put personal plans on hold to enjoy the special moments of growing children.

The Small Things

I enjoyed teaching my children the necessary skills to reach their developmental milestones, at least until Kindergarten came. Our playtime calendar was interrupted only to refuel with a little food, a little nap or to kiss a little boo-boo. Through patience and a few mommy outings, I mastered four unique learning styles and four unique taste palates. My children successfully entered Kindergarten with full knowledge of the alphabet, colors, shapes and numbers. They all could tie their shoes and were okay trying a new food, even though it looked different than home. Most importantly, my kids knew a hug was waiting at home to celebrate the joys or release the fears built up inside during the day.

Shortly upon entering Kindergarten, letters from community organizations and conversations with new friends, provided opportunities for my kids explore new interests and hobbies we were not skilled in. Although reluctant to release the role of teacher and coach, we discussed and gave our children opportunities to discover who they are. Slowly, each child’s dabbling in various activities narrowed in scope, but lengthened in time commitment. Now we sit at the height of diversified interests with our family represented in three of our districts schools and over 20 activities during the year.

Family support starts in our home, and spills into the classroom, onto the court, the field and on stage. Minute-to-minute meticulous calendar upkeep, efficient mapping and home preparation is necessary to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, on time with the right equipment. Constant communication via phone calls, emails and texts helps maintain our schedules. Time, such a valuable resource, yet so taken for granted. We fill the vacant few minutes by washing an extra load of laundry, verification of assignments due, confirmation of where or when practice is, only to find ourselves reactive than proactive.

One Day’s Value

The misuse of time is the struggle to reserve a personal moment of daylight or carve time into the night without feeling regret or neglect. Our family calendar filled weeks before a school break began, with one day scheduled as family togetherness. Time is an instrument of preparation, which overshadows a deterioration of health. With symptoms progressing slowly, a visit to the doctor can wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will take time to care for me. I will devote time to drive to doctor’s office, time sit in the waiting room and time to discuss why I am there. Tomorrow is a non-busy day, there is nothing on my schedule, and tomorrow it is. Tomorrow was New Year’s Day.

What appeared to be a great time to see the doctor was also a great time for the doctor to have family time. Since my chosen day coincided with a holiday, many offices held abbreviated office hours and my “fashionably late” timing resulted in missed opportunities in the clinic. I saved all my time up only to overspend it at an Emergency Room. While waiting several hours for my name to be called, my mind filled with questions and wonderings on how I can avoid this unfortunate circumstance in the future.  What if I saved time using the medical knowledge I attained when my kids were younger. What if I used my technology to save time with the doctor? What if I could magically transport my symptoms to receive a diagnosis? What if my time saved me money? After spending four hours in the ER only to be diagnosed with sinus infection, something had to change. How did I miss the symptoms of something I had before? It is time to get in touch and take care of me.  A call to a medical practitioner to discuss what was going on can save time, money and frustration, even when the clinic is closed.

Time Reimbursement

I frequently use my computer or smartphone to search for the signs and symptoms of my families complaints. Whether entering a physical or virtual doctor’s office, I brace myself for confirmation of self-diagnosis. When the symptoms are “been there, done that,” it only seems fitting we receive the right prescription with a call or click.  Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. Many health insurance carriers are adding the telemedicine supplement to their plan options. When it is not an option, monoline Telemedicine Insurance may be available.

Telemedicine Insurance provides assistance by trained medical professionals and licensed physicians. Using technology, telemedicine assists with diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses, provide counseling services and referrals when needed. Telemedicine is not a reason to void the relationship with your Primary Care Practitioner (PCP); it is an opportunity to save time and money for common illnesses prolific in your community at any given time. Not all symptoms are treatable with technology, and a visit to your PCP will be required.

Before I blindly let my health deteriorate in the hustle and bustle of raising a family, it is important to know I can save time with a phone call, chat session, FaceTime or Skype when it is convenient for my schedule. The slippery escape from the New Year’s promise is harder to deny when help is dial or click away. This year I will be healthy ready to enjoy every milestone.

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