Children and Pet Business Insurance

Children and Pet Business Insurance

Caring for children or pets can be a very rewarding career. You get to have a positive impact on their lives and provide them with attention while their caregivers are away. As any business owner knows, it can be difficult starting your own venture, but it can be both lucrative and enjoyable. That’s why one of the first things you should consider is children and pet business insurance.

An independent insurance agent can work with you to tailor the policy to fit your business needs. The coverage will vary, depending upon the nature of the business, but there are several key insurance types any pet or child business owner should consider: commercial general liability, professional liability, and commercial automobile coverage.

All pet and child business professionals should consider commercial general liability insurance. It protects against personal injuries and property damage caused by you or one of your employees. Accidents can and will happen. What would you do as a dog walker if you tried to pick up your client’s pet, they wriggled out of your arms, dropped to the ground, and broke their leg? You would be responsible for paying the dog’s veterinary bills and any legal fees, should the client decide to sue you.

Children and pets are unpredictable. As a professional in the pet or child-caring industry, you need to consider your financial obligations and risks. Having a commercial general liability policy will protect you against the heavy costs related to such incidents like:

  •      A dog in your care biting another person or animal.
  •      A dog falling off the grooming table or injuring itself while out for a walk.
  •      Children injuring themselves while in your care.
  •      Children or animals causing damage to a home, like marking the walls or wrecking the carpet.

Business owners also benefit from having a professional liability policy. Also known as errors & omissions, it protects the professional from any negligence claim filed by a client. If a customer claims that you, or one of your employees, made an error or omission in a service provided or product recommended, there could be a lawsuit. Professional liability coverage helps to cover your legal fees. So, for example, the dog owner could allege that you didn’t take their dog on long enough walks, causing the dog to become unhealthy. Or, you could recommend a particular type of shampoo to a dog owner that causes the pet to have an allergic reaction. With insurance, your business assets will be protected.

It is possible that your business requires one or more vehicles to transport the children or pets in your care. Much like a personal auto policy, comprehensive auto coverage protects against damage to your vehicle, like vandalism and theft. Property damage helps to cover damages to property other than your vehicle. Collision coverage pays for damages to your auto. So, whether you are taking the kids to the neighborhood park, or transporting supplies for your dog training business, a commercial auto policy will have you covered.

Aside from these three insurance types, speak with your independent insurance agent about additional coverage options. This may include (but is not limited to):

  •      Care, custody, and control insurance
  •      Products liability insurance
  •      Workers’ compensation coverage
  •      Premises liability insurance
  •      Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)


When you run a daycare you step into the shoes of the parents and accept a great deal of responsibility. Daycare owners are usually terrific people who want to do the right thing when it comes to the children. Adequate insurance is part of that responsibility.

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Dog Walking and Sitting

Working as a dog walker can be a part-time or full-time venture. In large cities, many residents depend upon dog walkers to help care for their pets. With dog walking insurance, you can be assured that your liabilities are protected from things like dog bite claims, injured pets, and vehicle transportation incidents.

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Dog Trainer

Most pet owners consider taking their dog to a trainer to learn basic behavioral and social skills. While challenging, a dog trainer is there to teach both the owner and the dog obedience techniques and ways to develop a meaningful relationship for years to come. As a business owner, consider dog trainer insurance. This will help to protect against such incidents like dog bites and lawsuits related to owners that are dissatisfied with your advice.

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