Reagan C

Without insurance I would  not be where I am today.

I am currently 17 years old a Senior at Albertville High School. I  moved to the Marshall county area when I was entering the 3rd grade. That year is when my entire life changed. AT the time I was so young I had no idea about insurance or what an important role it played in my life, but as I grew older I began to understand.

That day in August, August 6th to be exact I was a young girl just moved to a new town, new house, starting a new school in 2 days. I was super excited. Dad had traded in my 4 wheeler for a golf cart, my birthday was just around the corner Sept 8th so that was my birthday present.  Well that day is when everything changed. One moment we were riding and laughing and the next in tears with blood coving us.

This day forever changed my life. You have to understand, I was very young but very active a competitive gymnast, dancer and swimmer. This Day Aug 6th, 2006 changed my life.  One moment we are riding laughing and the next we were all on the road blood everywhere and crying. We didn’t understand but we knew we were hurt. Myself, the sitter and my brother all three . The Golf cart flipped and we slid 55 ft. with me being on the bottom.  Once we stopped we walked home two blocks, on pure Adeline I think, Mom says Angels took care of us. To make an extremely long story short I was med-flighted to a local hospital with a concision and severed arm. Once  my parents arrived they found out my brother had a broken collar bone. SO my parents now had not one, but two children in ER being treated.

This day finally ends. I wake up with an external fixator. For those of you who don’t know, this is a device put on when you can’t cast. I had no arm tissue. So they screwed 4 metal screws into my arm to hold the bone in place so it would grow back.  On top of that we had to do wet to dry bandage changes. Yes, it’s just as bad as it sounds. You put saline damp bandages on, and when they dry you rip them off. We did this not once, but twice a day.

We do this for 10 weeks. I was home schooled. Couldn’t be around other kids and germs due to my open wound. My soars start to heal, but my arm doesn’t. I have problems. My shoulder isn’t working and neither is my hand.  After review my shoulder is frozen and Ulner nerve damaged.

My Dr says we can’t help the nerve damage yet, but we can help the motion.
With insurance the referred us to a Clinic that would help us with a device to help my arm move again, and it did. I no longer have range problems with my arm.

Saying all this. Without my parents having insurance this might not have been possible. What many people don’t believe, when they see me winning races or doing back tucks. None of this would not be possible had I not had good health care providers that were provided by Great insurance.

To give an even happier ending to my tragedy, remember when I said my ulnar nerve wasn’t recovered, well I could not use my hand at all. MY mom left me 12 weeks after my accident for the first time… That day I fell, I broke my arm again.  Yes I know, you are thinking Really?  Well, what a blessing, because when they went in to repair he broken arm, they found all my  nerves tangled up in that bad scar Tissue. My absolutely amazing surgeon fixed it and two days after that my hand began waking up. Absolutely amazing.

So if you need to know why I think Insurance is important? Here is your answer.
You never go unprotected. My life experiences have taught me so much. Had my parents not had insurance I might not have had the treatments I had during recovery. I may not be where I am today and I give credit where it is due.
Because of Insurance we are all protected. My experience was through a health experience.

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