Rachel R

My surroundings moved slowly past me as my body jolted back and embraced the impending crash.  I let out a disturbing scream in reaction to what had happened.  Glass and particles suddenly surrounded me.  My ears were ringing and my mind was seconds away from turning completely black but the adrenaline pulsing through my veins kept me in a state of shock.  I was in my first atrocious car accident.

Shortly after the accident, I felt a pain in my chest and I knew that I needed to go to the hospital.  However, my friends that were also in the accident tried to convince me that it an ambulance transport would be too expensive.  But, I had insurance and I immediately felt relief because I wouldn’t have to worry about the horrendous costs.  I could be at peace knowing I was going to be okay and that I didn’t have to wait until later to see a doctor.  I would be taken care of right away.

The owner of the car I was in and the person who caused the accident also both had insurance, and this was a huge relief to me because I knew that all of my medical expenses would be taken care of.  I suffered severe neck and back pain for months.  I had to miss school and work, which was a huge inconvenience to me.  And, if all of us did not have insurance, I don’t know what I would have done.  Insurance saved me from a substantial amount of trouble.  Car insurance is an important part of why roads are as safe as they are.  As the old saying goes, “accidents happen”.  And this is why it’s important to be prepared, so that way, when accidents to occur, those involved don’t have to deal with the financial burdens alone.  Insurance did more than just help with my urgent needs from the accident.  It also helped with necessary follow-up care such as doctor’s visits and physical therapy. Honestly, I never knew the importance of car insurance before this dreadful accident.  I just thought it was something I was wasting my money on.  But, insurance saved me from covering a heap load of medical expenses on my own.

There are so many other reasons insurance is important.  Medical insurance plays a huge role in my family’s lives and mine.  Growing up, I have always been involved in playing sports.  And with sports, comes injury.  I was always getting hurt.  And because my family has coverage, I was able to go to physical therapy and slowly but surely, gain back my strength and recover from my pain.  My parents weren’t necessarily happy that I was always getting injured, but I’m sure they were happy knowing that the insurance they had for me was being put to good use.  It’s nice to know that insurance grants peace of mind.  If I didn’t have health insurance, I probably wouldn’t have healed so quickly and I would have suffered from a large fiscal burden.  Moreover, the benefits of having good health coverage outweigh the costs and inconveniences that accompany that of not having insurance.

Sports injuries aren’t the only reason that I’m grateful for health insurance.  Even though I am young and healthy, I benefit greatly from health insurance coverage.  I know that later on in life, I want to start a family of my own, so it’s important to start having checkups now.  If I can prevent a health problem from spreading now rather than later, I can save myself from suffering from a possible condition.  My mom has early stages of diabetes, but her doctor let her know right away which prevented her from having worse side effects later on.  If my insurance can prevent me from getting sick, then there’s no reason not to have it.  Sometimes, I get sick too and need to see a doctor and get antibiotics.  Insurance makes this an inexpensive alternative to paying everything out of pocket.  My doctor visits are only $10 whereas, if I didn’t have insurance, they would be hundreds of dollars.  I can go to the doctors with relief and a peace of mind.

In the future, I know insurance will play a huge role in my life and my future family’s as well.  I know I want to have kids one day; therefore I need insurance for the birth of my future kids. I know that I am going to put my kids in sports and that they are going to get hurt.  I know that accidents are going to happen, possibly car accidents or work accidents.  Even though I’m still young enough to be put on my parent’s insurance policy, I will eventually have to have it on my own.  This is something I am more than prepared for enrolling in.  I want my children to someday be safe and healthy, just as my parents did for me.

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