Prishmi N

Health insurance is a net. A net that will catch me if I fall and continue to stay protectively behind me, preparing for the unseen future. When thinking about the unpredictable road ahead of me, bright doors of opportunity appear to be in my reach. Perhaps the blame is my optimist personality, but in the midst of dreaming about college and an empowering career, I don’t plan to be injured by a tornado tomorrow. Nor do I predict my breaking a bone, being bitten by a snake, or falling into a black hole. Insurance, with its supportive nature, takes care of the effects of these problems (though I assume there will be a considerate amount of trouble with the latter). These unfortunate but unavoidable incidents are simply a part of life. However, to waste time in endless and futile worry will not improve anyone’s situation. The solution is a system that has been thoroughly embedded in America’s society today – health insurance.

Necessary. Though obviously not as necessary as food or water, Health Insurance can easily be described as a different kind of necessary. When life turns and throws a curve ball, some kind of support needs to be there to stay healthy. While on vacation a few years back, for example, my mother suddenly fell and tore a ligament in her knee. I vividly remember the clear scene just moments before – the emerald waters were shining in the sun’s fading amber hues, the breeze carried fresh air into my greedy lungs, and the rare occasion of my family being together burned the memory in my mind. A perfect moment was welcomed by the world’s cruel tendency to not let such a time last. My mother’s cry of pain created an influx of worry and made me run to her. Immediately, my mind raced through the next step – going to the hospital. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but mentally calculate the already heavy financial expenses we were handling. When I spoke of my concerns of being able to afford surgery if needed, my father patted my head, telling me not to worry. So I did what any concerned person who was told not to worry did.

I worried.

And it wasn’t until several minutes of pacing later that my father rolled his eyes and told me to sit next to him. He brought up a few accounts and talked to me about Health insurance policies that he arranged at the beginning of the year. More factors that I thought were accounted for – health, cellphones, cars, etc. I asked how he knew that my mother would get hurt, and he simply laughed. My father assured me that he wasn’t psychic, but that he paid for the insurance just in case anything like this were to happen. Here I was – worried beyond belief about how such an unexpected event would turn the tide, and my father had already planned for it. My eyes were opened to the necessary system that was insurance, especially health insurance. In the world we live in, so many unexpected twists and turned can divert us from our expected course. Preparing for this can be achieved by accepting the fact that they exist, and therefore taking action to deal with the problems.

The factor of time must also be taken into account when looking at the necessary system of health insurance. Several injuries or illnesses must be treated soon after the problem is detected because situations such as the condition of one’s muscles, the spreading of poison, or the loss of blood all have time retains. The snake bite I mentioned earlier, for example, has a time limit of about thirty minutes for being treated – and that’s with a snake with mildly harmful venom. Some more poisonous snake bites need to be treated mere minutes after the bite. A harmless camping trip or an afternoon hike can lead to a near death encounter without the ability to go get immediate help. With health insurance, hospitals can get their patients help more quickly and can – and have – been able to save more lives.

I may not be able to predict what tomorrow will hold, but I can be prepared for it. The unforeseen fog of the future appears to be clear when the ramifications of accidents pertaining to my health are suddenly not an everyday worry. With health insurance, I can keep my eyes set on the goals I will achieve, knowing nothing, not even the unexpected, can slow me down.

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