Phillip A

When you are younger the word “insurance” in most cases has a negative connotation to it.  Mostly because you really do not understand what insurance is and what it does.  You mostly just hear your parents complaining of how high their insurance bill are and how annoying it is that they are required to own a certain policy on their car, house, and now major medical.  Now I am almost 30 years old and have found my myself in the insurance field as a career.  I am an Insurance Producer at a local brokerage in my hometown of Thomasville, Ga.  I never thought that selling insurance would be my calling but here I am and I actually do love my job.

At my brokerage we mainly run the employee benefits offerings for many locally owned corporations in the surrounding areas, about 70 – 80 companies ranging from 3 employees all the way to 500.  We offer major medical, life, dental, vision, std, ltd, cancer, accident, and few others.  I never knew how important certain insurance policies were until I got a bit older and into the insurance world and could understand how a good insurance policy could save you and a cruddy one could ruin you.  I love my job because I actually get to help people and in someways save their lives, not just health wise but also financially.   I have had several people diagnosed with cancer with only weeks to live to be be able to live years after their diagnosis because they had an insurance plan that paid for all their treatments the most families could not afford.  I have had people that have never gone to the dentist to get their teeth fixed because they could not afford it go and now have a great smiles, I have had people that can hardly see and did not know what was wrong with their eyes go to an Optometrists because of their vision plan and now are seeing everything in a new light, no pun intended.

Society has always compared insurance sales men to a used car sales men, trying to sell you a lemon just to make a little money at your expense.   When insurance sales are done right, with much research and even more dignity, then a good insurance agent or broker can be a good friend, who is willing to fight to make sure that you get the coverage that you and your family needs.  I know personally just how much a good major medical policy can help a family.  My little brother was diagnosed with a rare condition at the age of 12 and for the last 8 years it has been an expensive and exhausting battle.  His condition requires certain steroids, pills, chemo treatments, and tons of check ups.  This list of things could break any family financially with the rising costs of medical treatments.  Thank goodness though for an insurance company that had our back and paid the claims they should.  Now my little brother is healthy, working, and in college!

I realized I loved this line of work but I feel like I could do more.  That is the reason that I want to go back to school and finish my business degree with a focus in finance.  I want to be able not just to help employers but also individuals with their full portfolio of investments and finances.  May people have all types of policies, such as different types of life insurances and disabilities, and do not even know what they really have.  I want to be able to help them become financially stable, not just with their checking and savings account but also with their different insurance policies.  That way their family is healthy physically and financially.  I feel like this is a very effective way of combating the rise debt in our American families, where so many families are living outside their means because they feel like they have too with insurance policies in some cases tripling in price.  There needs to be more creative individuals to help with this type of crisis.

I am in no means a wealthy man and about to be married at the end of this year.  I wanted to make sure that I myself stay away from accumulating more student debt and that is why I am applying for this scholarship.  I know it sounds cliche but I would honestly like to make a difference and I feel like going back and finishing up with degree is one of the most effective ways I can accomplish this dream of mine.  Thank you so much for your considering.

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