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You never know how long you have left with someone. A death may be expected after health issues or it may be a shock to everyone. You think it could never happen to you or your loved ones, but it happens more than you would think and it can happen to anyone at any time. My close family friend’s mother died when I was 14. Her sons were 13 and 18 years old. She was my mom’s best friend and like a second mother to me that I had known for as long as I could remember. She had health issues all her life including diabetes and knee problems, and her health started declining quickly after a surgery she had where doctors gave her medicine that should not have been mixed with her current medications. She was in the hospital for days, then weeks, then months. The whole summer was full of hospital trips and tears. First it was liver failure, then slowly worked its way up to heart and lung failure, until one devastating day when they had to take her off of life support. As a family with two incomes transitioning to one and a pile of hospital bills and funeral costs, the situation was seeming impossible to overcome. Insurance, mostly life insurance and health insurance, was the back-up plan that saved their lives.

As tragic as the situation of death is, especially a mother with young children, people often fail to think about the financial struggles that result until it happens to them. All you want to do is grieve the loss of your loved one. If it was not for life insurance, I do not know where the family would be today. One income is not enough to put a kid through college and another one in a few years. It is not enough for mortgage payments that were set up with the expectation of two incomes to pay it off. And it is not enough for funeral costs, which are very expensive. The last thing you want to do is worry about money in such a devastating time, but it is necessary for survival.

Life insurance is a scary topic. Everyone needs it, but no one hopes to ever need to use it. Insurance is there as a back-up plan in case of an emergency. Life insurance covers the worst possible situation, but without it, that situation could become even worse. The family I watched grieve and struggle through such a tough time showed me the importance of life insurance. To this day, they still struggle with money. One income, two kids, one in college and one going to college next year, it just is not enough in this day and age. Without life insurance, their savings would have been depleted within a week of her death and there would be nothing left. They would have had to sell the house, get another job, and quit college, as if the death of a mother, wife, and friend was not enough misfortune.

Another form of insurance that was necessary in the situation was health insurance. She was in the hospital for almost three months total, in addition to the surgery she had originally that initiated the hospital stays. A hospital room, food, nurses, and doctors are not cheap by any means, so this debt was accumulating the whole time she was there. Health insurance is necessary to provide hope and chances of recovery from a mishap or illness. Unfortunately, the hospital and doctors ultimately could not help this situation, but the amount of money that was covered by a health insurance plan was substantial. Without it, there would be another expensive bill to deplete any money the family had left. However, often times the amount of money put into the hospital stays, surgeries, and doctors will pay off and result in a saved life of the victim. The rewards of this are beyond any other, but hospital bills will still linger. Health insurance will take some of the weight off of the shoulders of the family members.

This situation I lived through and watched unfold was only one way insurance could assist a family in time of need. So many other possibilities could happen at any time to anyone. A freak accident could leave a family in even more devastation and surprise than the situation I went through. An important thing to remember is life insurance saves lives. It may, ironically, only be used in the event of a death, but the lives of the family members still must be taken into account. There are so many different options of insurance and everyone needs to take it seriously and make the decision that would help in the case of a disaster. The unfortunate part of getting any insurance plan is paying for what may not even happen, but it is important to remember that if the unthinkable does happen, there must be a back-up plan. It is always better to be prepared for an event that does not happen than to be unprepared for an unfortunate event that does.

Insurance is so important, no matter what kind, because it can save lives physically and financially. Auto insurance can cover the dent you may leave in your neighbor’s truck. Home insurance can cover the flood damage to your basement after a strong storm. Health insurance covers doctor visits to stay healthy. Also, doctors may not operate on a patient without health insurance, so it guarantees a chance for survival of a loved one. And life insurance gives the family members a chance to grieve without worrying about financial hardships to overcome. As much as we wish these events will never happen, there is no guarantee and being prepared is the best way to go. Insurance is important to me because I witnessed a family go through a rough time that luckily had insurance, and I cannot imagine the hardships they would have faced without it. I hope everyone can understand that insurance is necessary so no one has to go through a more difficult time than they need to. As a general reminder, “Better safe than sorry.”


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