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Every once in a while, you turn on the television and you are sitting through commercials. You are bombarded with information of products you need, charities of which you should donate money, law firms, localized commercials, and upcoming programs. Next, there are the commercials of the insurance companies that are often meant to be very comical. We see a variety of mascots from Flo from Progressive to the Geico gecko, the Mayhem Man of Allstate to the general that represents The General. With all of these visual images that are meant to draw attention to these commercials, sometimes the idea of insurance can be buried under the comedy. It is still a very important to consider the benefits of having this insurance, and, sometimes, these benefits can be hidden due to how these commercials present themselves. After we dig through the bright colors and images that are the Name Your Price Gun and a British-accented gecko, we begin to view the true meanings of insurance.

People react differently to insurance. Many people might not feel insurance is needed for them. They consider the fact that they have been surrounded by safety their entire life; they have never seen a natural disaster, they have never felt, their life has been endangered, and they see their property as safely guarded. For these reasons, people do not see the need of insurance. They could claim it is a money waste. However, some are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. These opinions see insurance as a safety net, a plan to fall back on if something begins to crash down. Extended coverage for property and health ensures these people have a group of people to represent them and have a base if potential disaster strikes. They view insurance as a business of support, where someone is ready to help if situations in that individual’s life begin to turn downward. The two differing views of insurance contrast greatly. How I personally view insurance is the ladder of the two types of consumers I have mentioned.

I do agree that insurance is definitely a benefit for a modern society because insurance means so much to me on a level not just of protection and safety, but also on a personal level. First of all, we consider the aspects of our lives that insurance covers. Life insurance, for one, is a very useful. People become very uncomfortable with the idea of life insurance because it involves the idea of death, but it is so much deeper than that. It covers the unexpected results and allows for your family to maintain their lifestyle. Life insurance is truly an insurance that you obtain to always make sure your family can try to adjust to the worst possibilities. It is a way to plan for the future, like other types of insurance, and the future is obscure for anyone to predict. Children, a spouse, and other family members are all valuable reasons to buy life insurance. It is an important step in life that requires much financial planning. What is needed? Do you want your families debts paid if the insurance proceeds? Do you want term or whole life insurance? There are a lot of aspects of life insurance, but is the best insurance to look after your family.

Another type of insurance that is considered important to me is auto insurance. This can cover many different situations, starting with basic situations. Most transportation is done in cars, and we are offered protection from many different elements from the environmental such as hail, and wind damage to human damages such as vandalism and theft. It creates a sense of responsibility to encourage safe driving. Since we as a society spend a large amount of time in our vehicles, it’s a reason that we protect them as well as ourselves and any passengers in our cars and trucks. It is truly another type of insurance that is all about care. It requires safety on your part and also this blanket of protection that covers the actions of those outside of control.

There are so many types of insurance that mean so much to me homeowners, renters, health, and disability all cover different situations we don’t know if our future holds for us. Buying insurance is really about care. If we look at every type of insurance, it covers what we care about from our health and wellbeing to that of our family and our property. I feel like that is the main aspect of having insurance. This represents what insurance partially means to me. A giant personal aspect of the meaning of insurance comes from my mother. She has worked in insurance (inspecting roofs) for a while now, and she has always continually wanted the best for me during my life. She has provided for me constantly, because of how much she cares. This is why I have shaped my opinions of insurance as a business based off of care for other people. When insured, it is solely about protection, making sure that everything insured is considered important has a strong value and will always be something beneficial.

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