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Did your car get into an accident? Has someone break into your home? Or maybe a neighbor’s kid threw a baseball into the windshield of your car? These are all reasons why you need insurance. Let’s start with life insurance. Life insurance helps out your family if something untimely happens to you and supports them in their need. Let’s say you get into an accident and sadly perish. Your family will be taken care of in their time of grief. Next, is medical and health insurance. Now, you’ve gotten sick. So sick your family grew tired of your coughing and sent you to the doctor. Your insurance just covered you! Here’s a different example. Your son Tommy just broke his leg trying to do a cool skateboard trick to impress his friends. Your insurance just covered for the surgery that he would need. Now, let’s move on to insurance that most teens need. Vehicle insurance. Let’s say you’re driving right after it just rained and the roads are still icy. Bam! You hit a pole as you were trying to turn and your car slid on the wet road losing control. Nobody’s hurt, but it will cost you a bit to replace or get the car fixed. Vehicle insurance is there to help you so you won’t spend too much time riding the bus to work. Now, home insurance. Opps, little Abby wanted to play cook and started a fire in the kitchen when her babysitter was supposed to be watching her. You’ll need to fire that baby sitter later, but thankfully you have home insurance that covers the damages the fire made. Now, after a big storm your house has gotten a bit flooded and almost has water damage. Home insurance will cover you in your time of need. Next, travel insurance for you and your family just need a break from home. Sadly, your daughter’s bag went missing on the travel. But, don’t worry your travel insurance covers it. Even, when you get sick when you ate some strange foreign food that didn’t agree with your stomach. Now, onto one of the sadder insurances. Burial insurance. We know that no one likes to think about it, but this will help pay for your loved one’s funeral in the event of an untimely death. It will support the family in their time of need once you are gone. On to a happier note there’s also wedding insurance. It’s so that if something goes wrong on your happy day you’ll be covered for it.  Say your caterer bailed on you after you paid him in full. Don’t worry you’ll get your money back and hopefully a few family and friends were able to come up with something tasty to eat. Now, some insurance for your playful little puppy. Let’s say the mailman is just doing his job and comes to deliver a package to your door. Your dog being the friendly and protective one wants to play and accidentally bites his unwilling playmate a little too hard. The mailman wants to sue, but don’t worry your assets are protected with dog bite insurance. Now, here’s some insurance all of us need. Portable Electronic Device Insurance. We’ve all dropped, stepped on, tossed, and smashed our devices every once in awhile. This time it breaks on us, but don’t worry it’s covered! Though, maybe next time you’ll be more careful. Okay, now your father decided to start a business on 18th street, but the realtor forgot to mention the break ins that happen on a daily basis. So, sadly his store was broken into by a local gang of thieves. While consult your crying father Crime insurance covers the damages done. Now, your at home relaxing with a Donald Trump rally going on outside. Pretty soon cheers turns into screams and a brick comes flying through your window. Sadly, Trump won’t pay for the damages but luckily your political risk insurance can. Coming off the topic of debates you’ve now been cast to star in a play, but sadly during rehearsal you took the saying break a leg a bit too seriously. Thankfully, workers compensation is helping pay the bills and for your cast. Now, let’s say you’re a farmer working hard to grow your crops, then out of nowhere a plane crashes into your crops flown by a drunk pilot. Don’t worry! Aviation insurance covers it! As well as crop insurance to pay for all your damaged crops. These are all just a few types of insurance. There are so many more to have and with all the situations I’ve given. I think you’ll need them.

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