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Insurance; an arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. Or in simpler terms; the business of insuring persons or property. It seems to be a comfort for people, when they know that their expensive belongings are protected, that their lives and their children’s lives are safe. When birthing a child, it eases the mother and father to know that their baby’s health will be protected and cheaper. Medical or damage bills will not be as life-long as it could be without that type of protection. While in an economy where money is power, there never seems to be enough for people when they are in need, but insurance is a source of relief and assistance in those situations.

Even though I am not a mother myself yet, I do plan on being one in the near future. The pain of the labor and the stress of a child will be agonizing but worth while; seeing that little girl or boy growing up and making memories with them. Let alone that, the fear of not being able to support that child financially, is a major concern of almost all parents worldwide. Insurance aids that concern with programs like Med-Quest and Kaiser. Granting that, when I had overheard my mother discussing medical bills with my grandmother I realized how much insurance has saved her when it comes to pay for her children, including me. My grandmother had recently gone through surgery without having insurance for herself, and the bills for the surgery, x-rays, and more are still being paid off 7 months afterwards. Now with my mother having three children who are prone to getting into silly accidents —like running into boulders, get the flu four times in a row, spraining a finger from flag football, and more—, insurance has saved her money more times than I can count. Anyhow, insurance is there to help us with the small little mistakes and accidents in our lives that aren’t enterally our fault, and some that are; which is relief, for parents who not only need to pay for themselves but the people they are raising.

Not only does insurance reduce most of the population’s concerns but it can cut down bills; how long we take to pay for it and the load of it. It is not a secret that bills are hard and terrifying to take care of. They could be the sole purpose of people ending up on the streets or any bad situation, and one of the largest stress every adult goes through monthly. With this in mind, having a way to cut those bills down, —especially the larger ones like medical or damage to a home or car bills— is something anybody will take in a heartbeat. Happily it is something that many people have; insurance. For example, when my mother; Angela had gotten rammed by a tow truck; the car was totaled and we had no way of transportation to school, home, etc. But our insurance covered the accident and provided us the funds to get another vehicle. As a result, insurance saved my family from the troubles of paying for a new car when we could not afford it and the stress of finding transportation in the middle of a school year. Back to the point, your insurance coverages and quotes can provide you with money to pay for the damages of your totaled car or even get a new one, like it did for my family. Or it can shrink your $60,000 hospital bill —that will take almost as long as your college debt to pay— to an easier amount to handle and over a shorter time frame. Ask yourself this, why should you be punished for paying a bill, when you had just gotten cancer, or got into a car crash? You weren’t in control, so you shouldn’t be the one to pay such a crazy bill. Also, if you do not end up paying off that bill yourself, it may land in your child’s hands to pay for, and no parents wants to live their children behind having them pay those bills for someone gone.  Hence, insurance will always be there —if you have it— to help you when you are in need, when you do not have the funding to pay a bill you are given because you got help when you were sick or hurt, when you cannot afford to pay for one thing for years on end.

In the end, I do not think I could enter the adult-world without some type of insurance to lessen that stress. The stresses of bills and concerns for not just me, but my loved ones and children some day. If I ever get in a car accident, I know I’ll be able to depend on insurance to support me financial in some way. If I ended up sick with cancer in my later ages, I will not have to pay such an overwhelming bill, it leaves me stressed out even more than I should be. It shouldn’t be my fault for having cancer; when it is an uncontrollable thing to have. Although insurance can be complicated, I feel better knowing that I have something there to aid me throughout my journey of life, to help me with my mistakes and accidents I will make along the way.

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