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Insurance is important to me because of the value it provides in the event of a loss.  I especially feel very strongly that a parent or spouse should carry enough life insurance to support their family in the
event of their untimely death.

The breadwinner of a family should have a life insurance policy that would replace his or her income if they were to die prematurely leaving a family behind. I feel strongly about this because both of my
grandfathers died before I was born.  Their deaths made a significant impact on the lives of my grandmothers, my parents and their brothersand sisters.

My dad’s father had life insurance and when he died, my dad and his older brother and sister were still very young.  My dad was only 13. His older sister and brother were able to finish college and his mother
was able to keep her home.  But at the age of 16, in order for my dad to escape serving in the Iran war, my grandmother decided to send him to America. She was able to support him until he was able to start a successful business.  Years later he met and married my mother, and started his own family.  But, his mother didn’t have to work while raising her three children because my dad’s father was a planner, a
saver, and always thinking about the “what ifs” and well-being of his family in the event something might happen to him. He didn’t want my grandmother to worry about finances or where she would get the money to pay for their kids’ educations or have to worry about making a mortgage payment. She was able to stay home and take care of their children without any money worries.   Of course life insurance didn’t replace my grandfather, but it did replace his income. This was important to me because my father was able to travel to America. He was able to meet my mother.  He was able to have me.

On the other hand, my mom’s father passed away without life insurance, leaving my mom’s mother to fend for herself and their four children.  He died without leaving her any means of support.  He didn’t consider the future or what would happen to my mom, her siblings, or my grandmother
if he died at a young age. After his death, my grandmother had to work two jobs, but she still lost her home. She had four young children, no savings and no college funds. My mother and her sister had to start working at 15 just to buy necessities. They had to work their way through college, but it took my mom eighteen years to finish and then she still had to pay off student loans for years. One of her younger brothers is forty-seven and is still paying off his student loans. Her other brother dropped out of high school and never got the opportunity to attend college.

My dad’s mother is over 80 now and she is still in good health while my mother’s mom passed away about ten years ago. I can’t say she died from stress, but she worked hard, every day of her life after my grandfather died. I sincerely believe that had my mother’s father had life insurance, my grandmother would have had a much easier life.  I feel that my mother would have had a much easier life.  I think having life insurance is especially important when families have a mortgage, and young kids in the household. It’s irresponsible for the breadwinner or, these days, breadwinners, not to consider the consequences of one or both of them passing away early. It’s something most people don’t want
to think about, but if you truly care about your spouse and your children, you should want to provide for them in the event something unexpected happened, such as an early death.  I wasn’t physically affected by my mom’s father not having life insurance, but, my mom’s mother would have had a much easier life.

Both of my parents are still living and I thank God for that every day. But because of the situations of both of their fathers, they have maintained life insurance in the event something might happen to them.
Especially while I and my two older sisters are still in the household and while they have a mortgage to pay.  I think having life insurance is extremely important and responsible.  Not having life insurance is not worth the risk to a family or their future.

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