Nicole S

Insurance matters to me for many reasons. Insurance has positively impacted my life in many ways. Just as many people have, I have health insurance. In July of 2015 I was involved in a 3 car crash. I was in the middle car as a driver and in the end had been impacted with so much force that I go severe whiplash. Due to our medical insurance letting me go to a wonderful chiropractic clinic I was able to get treatment. Along with this incident, my Mother has an array of medical issue. All are undiagnosed, but a few of the issues include severe dehydration, digestive and urinary tract issues, and neurological side effects. Without insurance, she would be dead today. Medical insurance has given my family the gift of being able to keep our mother alive, which is why it matter so much to me.

Without car insurance, after my accident I would not have been able to get better. I had many negative effects from the whiplash which included stiffness, severe pain, tiredness, and other medical problems. Insurance let me be at ease while getting all of these problems fixed. The two months after this incident were some of the hardest months that I have physically gone through. The pain and tiredness that came from it not only affected my body, but influenced my first weeks during my freshman year of college. During this transition, my insurance company had to handle bills from both Minnesota where I lived, and Decorah, IA where I went to school. Aside from the chaos of receiving help trying to find a compatible chiropractic clinic in Decorah, I had to manage adjusting to a whole new life, new education, and new family at college. The only way that this was done stress-free was because of my insurance. This is why insurance matters to me. Without it, those two months and impactful first weeks at college would have been full of chaos. I know that without the help of insurance, I would have not grown like I did in the beginning stages of my new, adult life.

Due to the variety of medical issues, my Mother uses her medical insurance every single day. To keep her alive, she has to administer intravenous fluids, vitamins, and other types of medicine two a day. While we pay about $9,000 at the beginning of the year for this, almost $300,000 is billed to insurance each year. Needless to say, without medical insurance, we would not be able to keep her alive. With my Father’s profession be owning our small business, over $300,000 in medical bills would simply never be able to be covered. Simply put, without medical insurance, my Mother would not be alive or ever see my college graduation. Medical insurances matters to my life in such a drastic way.

While home insurance is not something that is on many college students mind, it has increased the quality of life for my family over the years. Back when I was in the seventh grade, there was a tornado that touched down very close to my house. That day, my Mother and I decided to go to Minneapolis and go around from garage sale to sale. When we got home, I was terrified. I saw our dog kennel torn apart, our shed in pieces, the lawn mower stuck in the side of the house, and a trampoline stuck on our mailbox – we did not own a trampoline. Inside the house we have 3 dogs and my cat, they were my babies. Not only did that day scar me for the rest of my life, it also scarred them to where just a light rain made them run and hide under my bed. From the rain and holes in the house, I had leaking in my room. Once our home insurance company got involved, everything got fixed shortly after.  I was then able to go back into my room and life went back to normal. Natural disaster happen all of the time, and thankfully this was not the worst. This disaster affected my life for a short time, but home insurance made it an easy transition and was able to let us get our life as a family back to normal.

I am so grateful that I am able to have insurance in my life. Without it, my Mother would not be able to live, I would have suffered longer from my accident, and my home would have never been the same. Insurance matters to me because it keeps my life moving.

Thank you so much for considering me for this scholarship. The money would be very helpful to my college expense as my Mother cannot work and my Father’s small business is still growing.

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