Nicholas O

My name is Nicholas O’Connor, I am sixteen years old and I currently attend Laurel High School as a junior. My Educational Career has been very eventful, prosperous and self fulfilling. I am currently in the International Baccalaureate program which is a very strenuous and challenging program that is acknowledged and praised worldwide. The IB program has given me a new perspective on different cultures, religions, and ethics that people have. I am also in the National Honor Society which is another prestigious program that only a selective few students in my high school are apart of. I was also nominated for the National Social Studies Honor Society which made me very elated because of the many diverse ways this program helps people. In my Educational Career I am and have been apart of several clubs, such as Mock Trials, Bible Study and Starting Helping Hands while the two sports that I take part of is soccer and track. Although I am apart of a multitude of programs and clubs I do my best to balance my time as I maintain a 3.7 cumulative Grade Point Average. My life goals include building a prosperous and successful law firm, and impacting the world by leaving my mark and helping as many people as I can. To achieve these goals I plan to go to college and then law school. After attending law school I will either go to business school or while in college make business another major. By attending law school and business school I will have the tools and resources to build my law firm which is one way I can assist others and leave my mark and legacy on the world. By donating to charity, or reading books to children in hospitals, I will do anything that I can to help others. My focus will be on Pre-Law and Business as my majors. Pre-Law will be my priority because my dream and desire is to become a successful lawyer in order to help others. The justice system that we believe in and value, at times may not be completely accurate and stable which is why I intend to impact and use the knowledge that I will learn to make it stable and non biased again. I have also always wanted to help people and use my voice to change lives; these two qualities can both be found in the profession of a lawyer which explains my burning desire to fulfill this goal. Secondly, a degree in business will successfully allow me to build a prospering law firm that will have an open door policy to anyone in need. This is where insurance comes in because having insurance will ensure the stability of my company and I will need to know the information for my other clients. Another goal that I am thinking about is becoming a psychologist. My peers, family, and friends all say that I am a good listener and I give good advice, by becoming a psychologist I will be able to help people and potentially turn their problems around so that they can be joyful and triumph. If I further my goal of becoming a psychologist then I will take psychology as a major so that I will have the necessary knowledge to be effective at what I will do. My burning desire is to leave my footprint on the world and help as many people as I can. By receiving this scholarship it will allow me to further my education so that one day I will impact the world.

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