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Institution to be attended: Will continue attending Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School for my senior high school year. I’ll be honest and say that for most kids my age the only understanding we have of insurance is that it is needed and required when you first start driving. The purchase of my car taught me that lesson, though I will admit, I paid little attention to it, because my parents had handled most of the deal. My focus at that time was just getting behind the wheel of my first car. Now that I have been driving for several months, I have continued to pay little attention to it, because I always considered that the insurance is only needed after there is an accident, and not something that you need to be constantly aware of.  Also, my parents, as always, took control of the purchase of my car and handled all the paperwork themselves. Having me participate in the process seemed to me a waste of my time. However, I have since become aware that there are events that make you understand and appreciate, not just the types of insurance we all have and generally take for granted, but also for all the possibilities it creates.

Recently, my grandfather, having gone in for a routine check-up, was told that he needed a pacemaker. My grandparents, both in their early seventies, are active and spend their entire week searching out adventures. Their days are filled with visits to family and friends, parks and gardens and weekly shopping trips. In a moment it all changed, and the entire family rallied to see what needed to be done, and what costs, if any, needed to be addressed. My father began making phone call after phone call to verify that all the necessary insurances were in effect and that nothing would be left to chance before my grandfather’s procedure. My grandmother, after all, needed to be taken care of in case things did not go well. During the days that followed, I became aware of the many types of insurances our family had and made use of such as health insurance, life insurance and medical insurance. While my grandparents are elderly and have been retired for most of my life, additional insurance was purchased years ago to fill in any “gaps” that Medicare and Medicaid will not cover. In addition to this, my grandparents had also purchased insurance to cover additional expenses not related to their health insurance. My grandparents had spent their lives building for their retirement, and taking care that nothing would be lost in the event of a tragedy. All of this planning had been done for such a situation as this.

After a couple of days, my father was able to confirm that all insurance payments were current and that my grandmother’s only concern in the weeks following my grandfather’s procedure would have nothing to do with their finances, but rather with my grandfather’s rehabilitation back to health.

I began to ask my parents why all this insurance was necessary, and if everyone had the same types of insurance policies. I wanted to know what types of insurances existed and if we were covered by the same insurance policies as my grandparents. My parents will always take every opportunity I present to them to teach me one more “piece” of the essentials of life, and so they began to explain the many reasons and various needs for the insurances we have and make use of. They explained in detail the need for the insurance on my car, and why it was not only to protect the investment of the car, but to protect us as well as others in case of a real accident. They explained the need for their life insurance policy, which I hope is not needed for many, many years to come and they also delved into the details of their homeowner’s insurance policy, flood insurance policy and even a small burial insurance policy. I began to understand that the life they have created for me and for themselves is wrought with many uncertainties, and these must be met with the one safety net that is available; insurance.

In my eighteen years, I have witnessed a few hurricanes, a couple of car accidents and various health scares. One concern my parents rarely have had during these incidents, was with any claims made on our insurance policies. As they now explained all of this to me, they mentioned that the one constant peace of mind they have always shared and rarely worried about was their insurance, because they knew that they were covered for anything that life could possibly throw our way.

My grandfather’s procedure is scheduled for next week, so for now he is resting at home with my grandmother. Although I doubt that he is concerned about much other than his health right now, the one thing that will make his recovery easier is the great planning he and my grandmother did a number of years ago by purchasing the insurance that is now providing his peace of mind. That insurance has created the possibility that they will continue together searching for more of their adventures.

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