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Insurance is important for several reasons. Uninsured people can receive less medical care and less timely care. Many have worse health outcomes, and lack of insurance can be a financial burden for them and their families. My family found this to be true during my junior year in high school. I had to have surgery due to a football injury. My father’s insurance covered eighty percent of the cost and our school insurance was supposed to cover the other twenty percent. This twenty percent has been a burden to our family for the time, because the school insurance is trying to withhold payment to the orthopedic physician, his physician assistant, and physical therapists. Sighting time restrictions on the policy and several other parts that they have included, the insurance company has withheld payment even after each additional piece of information was sent to them. Our Athletic Director has been in constant contact with the insurance company and is in arbitration at this time.

I am a current senior at Spartanburg Christian Academy in Boiling Springs, SC. I will be entering college in the fall of 2017. I would like to pursue a career in physical therapy to become a physician assistant. There are two reasons that this field of study has become important to me. During the spring of 2016, I tore my labrum and had to have shoulder surgery.  I saw an orthopedic physician, his physician assistant, had ex-rays taken, and an MRI. I received physical therapy both before and after surgery. I was impressed with the physical therapist and the physician assistant that I came to know well during my five month recovery. I am now able to play football and baseball again and have no pain in the shoulder.

In July of this same year my father awoke with bad back pain. Over the next months the pain became unbearable. It took much time to get appointments with the doctors who could eventually help him get his pain under control. He had appointments with his primary physician, orthopedic physicians, and physical therapists. He had to have ex-rays and an MRI. Finally, he was referred to a pain management doctor who administered two epidural shots that have helped him return to work and get back to a somewhat manageable daily routine. After more physical therapy he will see the or, payment for these health problems would be devastating for our family.

I would like to pursue a career as a physician assistant to help people in general, but also to help those that suffer through a sports injury or even just wake up as my dad did with severe pain. After my experience with a torn labrum and the surgery/recovery that took place during the summer between my eleventh and twelfth grade year, I became aware of what physical therapists and physician assistants do to help people. I began looking at this as a career I would like to pursue. I have taken Physical Science and Biology I Honors during my high school career and am now taking Anatomy this year.  I am and have been a member of the National Beta Club in middle school and high school. I was awarded the Most Improved Defensive Player in my freshman year. I was named Molon Labe of the Year my sophomore year. I was selected and participated in the Boys State Program my junior year. I was chosen as Scholar Athlete of the week in October 2016, and I plan to continue keeping my grade point average as high as possible during my senior year.

I have toured several colleges (Clemson University, Liberty University, Wofford College, and North Greenville College) to view their majors to decide which school offers the best fit for my goals. I have been accepted to Liberty University and North Greenville College. I have met with the Financial Aid Department where we discussed my family’s FAFSA and possible scholarships I may be eligible for. I am still about ten thousand dollars away from my goal of attending one of these colleges/universities.

I have researched many areas in my future field of study and one of the recurring elements is the need for Certified Professional Liability (malpractice) Insurance. There are associations that require membership even before I reach my career goal. During school, it is hard to work, study and play sports, therefore I hope to research more and find out exactly what liability insurance I will need as physician assistant.

Life insurance is another important consideration for everyone. My mother and father have taken into consideration life insurance policies for the future of our family. My father is quite frequently teasing my mom about how much better off she will be if he meets Jesus. He has told my brother and I that loved ones will need help or even depend on our financial support for their livelihood. He says it replaces the income of the deceased. These are reasons why insurance is important to me.

I am in the process of applying for scholarships/grants and would appreciate your consideration. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this scholarship.

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