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In today’s society, the concept of insurance is often swept under the rug. Most people today only get insurance because it is required by law, not because they think that they will need it. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality; society thinks that just because they are safe drivers, or never get sick, they don’t find the need to get insured for anything, especially medical insurance. The way that the world works, however, is that one should, “expect the unexpected”.

In my case, the unexpected came sooner than I thought it would. While most people generally view automobile insurance as the most important type of insurance, medical insurance is very integral to how we as a community view the world around us. Every day, people get sick and diagnosed with common diseases that most of the time have no cure. I have several members of my family that are involved in law enforcement. My brother is one of those. Whenever a person sees accidents or injuries on the news, they think, “oh that is so horrific”, or “wow, that would never happen to me, I’m a safe driver”. Unfortunately, just because you are a safe driver does not mean that other people around you are not. One day, while my brother was out on duty in his patrol car, he caught someone on the radar that was driving at an unsafe speed in correspondence with the speed limit. Naturally, his instinct and training told him that he needed to pull that person over. The person that was speeding, however, decided that it was a good idea to drive away as fast as he or she could to try to get away from my brother, which is never a good idea. As my brother was approaching an intersection at high speeds, there was a car that was driving perpendicular to the direction my brother was going that ran through the intersection as my brother was, t-boning my brother from the passenger side.

My brother was rushed to the hospital with possible life-threatening injuries, which meant that my parents were frantically running around trying to get their thoughts together. When we went to the hospital, we were told that he was going to need extensive surgery on his back and right arm, which were severely injured and could possible mean that he was wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. These procedures would cost countless amounts of money, money that my family absolutely did not have, considering that my mom does not work and my dad is a construction worker. If not for the investment in medical insurance for what seemed like a waste at the time, we would be struggling to make ends meet for the coming years, especially since my brother would need physical therapy for years to come. The small investment that my parents made into medical insurance definitely paid for itself when my brother had his accident almost four years ago.

When I took driver’s education in high school three years ago, I was taught the importance of not only automobile insurance, but also medical and life insurance, especially for the fact that there are people out in the world that think it is a good idea to text and drive or drive while drunk, but news flash – it’s not. Medical insurance can be a life saver for people all over the world; those that suffer from diseases, or have accidents pertaining to everyday activities. An integral part to succeeding in the world is to have the knowledge about what the world imparts, knowing that the unexpected can and indeed will happen, as is stated in Murphy’s Law. My parents (and Oscar Wilde) taught me the importance of being earnest towards being safe and getting insurance, because even bad things can happen to good people.

I urge the people of today’s society to seriously look into what can happen when people get in car accidents or get life threatening diseases, and what can happen as a result of putting insurance on the back shelf. While most people think that insurance agencies are just trying to scam them out of money, maybe they are, but for the most part, in the end it will all be worth it, especially when your world comes crashing down on you in an instant. The young people of society need to grow up learning that life (while it can be fun) needs to be taken seriously, and that the fun cannot be had when a person is in debt due to medical or automobile payments that could have possibly been prevented with simple, monthly, insurance payments. Even though life may seem simple and expectable, it can instigate even the worst of moments in an instant.

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