Natalie M

As humans we live by the idea of stability and structure, which plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives. We are mammals, yet unlike any other animal we have adapted into a population of emotionally matured and physically flexible creatures. Our generalized idea of happiness consists of financial or occupational success, healthy relationships, and the ability to be stressless. We strive for a society that keeps us safe, stable and happy, which is why we have so much political and social conflict. We all disagree on how to accomplish national and global success. For instance, some people believe raising taxes on the wealthier will benefit the middle and lower class by relieving them of unfair duties, while the richer see this solution as an unjustified request, as it causes them stress and instability. This conflict is entangled in various aspects of our lives, creating contradicting teams, for instance: republicans and democrats. The involvement of government in citizens’ lives is a constant discussion, when are they too involved? Is this unconstitutional? Is the constitution outdated? Why are they so economically involved? Why are they trying to control me? Insurance has the same issue: the benefits of insurance can be lifesaving, however the effort one must take to ensure coverage can seem like more trouble than its worth.

Insurance fuels our anxiety by causing instability so that they can keep stability, which in other words is complete irony. From the minute one discovers credit cards or decides to own a car, the phrases “fico score” and “insurance” transform into heavy duty magnets, and you’re the refrigerator. Becoming a young adult is like being asked to take the trash out, but your mom just keeps throwing trash bag after trash bag. There is no time to breathe, in many states you need insurance to own a car, you need good grades and driving school to have lower insurance costs just to be able to afford it, and when you decide to settle down you bet your bottom dollar the choice for more insurance coverage is the choice to sacrifice more of your paycheck. This cycle of spending for “what if” situations seems wasteful to some, but then the unthinkable happens.

One day as you’re helping a friend unload her belongings to move in, your only child runs out of the car and onto the street to say hi to you. The next thing you know you hear a scream and your daughter is on the ground unable to move. When I was nine years old I was hit in a hit and run. I fractured my skull, injured my spine, and lost feeling in my tongue for a few days. My single mom and I were distraught from the accident as well as the leak in our apartment’s ceiling and my newly discovered lice. If it wasn’t for my mom’s insurance our situation could’ve been much more detrimental to our family. Our insurance covered most of the medical bills which gave us some stability to focus on my health and the safety of our home. I’m truly thankful for how fortunate my mom and I were, because the benefits of insurance gave my mom and I the chance to live a happy and stable life after our disaster struck, which is something all people in need deserve.

The sacrifice we take for coverage can impact our lifestyles, however emergencies are common and without support can be unfixable. We can’t control the lives around us, so don’t make the mistake of letting someone else’s mistake cripple you. My Uncle Darlin lives in flood loving Houston Texas, but because he was in “good hands” his flood insurance covered everything. Allstate paid for all the house’s damage and for all lost possessions. If my Uncle Darlin had refused to pay for flood insurance he would still be recovering from the mess. Unfortunately his neighbor wasn’t covered and has been slowly trying to rid her house of mold, because she can’t afford to buy a new house, she can’t sell a house that goes against health regulations, and she can’t afford to have professionals fix her home. She is forced to live in a stressful, unstable, as well as unhealthy situation that she can’t resolve. She has sacrificed her happiness instead of her paycheck by refusing flood insurance. There are always downsides, but if we want to prosper within our own system, we must give in order to receive. Insurance is important to me because it has given my family and I the chance to live a stable and happy life, where the stress of disaster is less of a worry. Of course I want to live a fulfilled and regret free life, but I also want that safety net that ensures I’ll be given the chance to live such a life.

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