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Why is insurance important? Insurance is the ability to keep a person safe financially after an emergency, accident, or a bad event that no one ever saw coming. Insurance is important to have because after a tragic event or accident, eventually everyone has the question “how am I going to pay for this?”.

Insurance is a very important part of life. It is literally one of the most important things that you could have. It’s like a sense of security that you always have. It’s like a sense of security that you always have. Even though insurance does cost money and it’s not cheap, it will be worth it. When something bad or tragic happens insurance is there to help. It’s bad enough having to go through a tragic event but having to go through that along with having to deal with the financial part of it, it’s stressful on anyone. I know that when I got into my car accident, insurance helped me out so much because I was so worried about how I was going to pay for the damages to my car.

I got into the car accident a few years back. It was my fault, no doubt about it because I rear ended the guy but there was no damage to his car and I wasn’t really going all the fast. My mom had came to help me with the insurance since this was my first accident and I was honestly crying hysterically. Anyways, thanks to our insurance, and the fact there was no damage to the other guys car, I ended up only paying $200 for the damages instead of the whole $3600 that it would have cost without insurance.

Another incident that has happened throughout my young life was when my dad had gotten injured. I was six years old when it happened so I honestly don’t remember all the details but I know he was working on some type of truck and something on the truck had fallen off and hit him so hard in the face it knocked him out and he had to be rushed to the hospital. Now being six years old and all, anything that looks weird is scary to you. I was scared to go near my dad for a good 3 weeks because his face looked deformed and he was missing teeth. However, we dodged a really big bill because at the time, with the health insurance my dad had, it covered a lot of his medical bill. Plus, it probably helped that the incident had happened on the job.

An incident that happened earlier this year where insurance came into play was with my best friend and her family. Her dad was our lacrosse coach and her and I were really close friends. We went to prom in the same group and we always had sleepovers. My favorite person in the world was her mom. She was an amazing women, beautiful on the inside and out but just a few days after prom and our senior night for lacrosse, she passed away from a heart attack. It was very unexpected and everyone was in pure shock. The life insurance she had though definitely helped out her and her dad. That money allowed for her to continue her education at JMU and even though I’m sure it’s hard every day to go on without her, that family is beyond strong and they are an inspiration to anyone who loses a family member unexpectedly.

The last example I have on why insurance is important is something that has happened to my family in the past few weeks. My little sister has recently started to get bullied and no one knew about it because she never talked to anyone about it. My parents found out that she has actually began cutting and having suicidal thoughts so they decided it to be best to put her through therapy. The thing with therapy though is that it can be very expensive and I know my parents are stressed about the fact that they don’t know what to do to help her and I know they are stressed about paying for that along with paying for college. Hopefully insurance helps us out with this one and helps cover some of the cost. If insurance does play into this, it will be one more thing that they have done to help my family.

Everyone goes through a traumatic event and every family goes through the financial stress at one point or another. Insurance will help out in any ways they can. It will pay for part of a car accident or hospital or doctor visits. It can pay for medication that you have to take or help after you lose a loved one. Insurance has definitely become more of a big deal nowadays because you pretty much have to have it which I actually think is good thing because without it you could end up getting screwed over. The price on insurance isn’t the best but at the end of the day, it’s worth it. Insurance can save so much stress and I really feel like everyone should have it because it really is so important.

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