Nafia H

My father served in the Marine Corps for 6 years.  During his basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina, he was exposed to mercury contaminated water. He was unaware of the contaminated water during his training.  After years of stomach problems, constant stomach pain and discomfort, hernia surgeries and other gastrointestinal issues, he was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer.  This was devastating to me and my family.  How could this happen to my father?  How will my mother receive this news?  He had to undergo several tests, colonoscopies, MRIs, CAT scans, surgeries and eventually chemotherapy for 8 months.  My father only missed 2 weeks of work during all this.  I was amazed.  All of this occurred in 2014.  God was so merciful to bring my father through this terminal illness.

He is employed at Gulf Stream Aerospace as a mechanical technician.  My father has been with this company since age 17.  He has an excellent employee and family insurance policy.  Without the help of God and his insurance, my dad would have surely died.  Our family would be devastated without my father.  I thank God and Gulf Stream as his treatments cost over 1 million dollars.  Our family would not have been able to get the excellent care my dad received without proper insurance.  The point I am trying to make is insurance is just as important if not crucial to our daily living and survival.

My personal experience with insurance was an accident I had with my first car.  My mother and father gave me a 2010 Honda Civic.  My parents have full coverage n all our vehicles through State Farm Insurance.  Anyway, my parents allowed me to drive to Orlando, Florida with my cousin (who is a licensed driver, 24 years of age).  We had a wonderful time while in Orlando.

Upon our departure, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory in Jacksonville, Florida.  Everyone got cheesecake and loaded back into the car.  I proceeded to back out of my parking space when a lady came from nowhere and hit the driver’s side rear of my car.  I have never been so scared in my life.  First, I was scared about what would happen to me, and then I was angry at the condition of my first car!  My parents gave me an opportunity to show how responsible I could be and this happens.

My first reaction was to cry because my parents were not going to be pleased with this situation.  The police were called and evaluated the accident scene. My stomach was in knots until the police officer’s report was that I was not at fault.  No one was injured, even the lady who struck my car.  She was very apologetic (probably given my age and my tears).  Thank God for insurance or my accident could have truly had a severe outcome, not only on me but my trusting, loving parents.

In conclusion, insurance is extremely important in all aspects of life.  Whether it is medical, auto, or home, proper insurance is a must.  Insurance gives a peace of mind to know that tragedy strokes, insurance will be there to assist. Insurance is like a necessity of life such as water, food, shelter, air, etc.  I encourage everyone to stay insured. Read what could have happened to me and my family.  It will give you a whole different perspective on insurance and how import it is to have it.

I have heard my parent complain about the cost of insurance, but they know it is a necessary part of our family’s well-being and safety. It is also the law.  No car insurance means fines, unnecessary medical and car costs, fines and maybe jail.  I am too young to face that.  My future is too bright.  I will take my parents’ example and incorporate it into my own.  Insurance is part of the budget for my safety, security and overall well being.

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