Morgan D

I have heard the story of my parent’s house burning down several times over the years. Every time I hear the story, it always ends with the statement “Thank goodness we had insurance.” My parents had only been married a short time and were just settling in to a new home. A wood-burning stove was not properly installed and that ended up being the cause of the fire that cold night in Kansas. My mom tells the story of waking up in the middle of the night and hearing a “ping ping” sound that sounded like hail hitting the house. It turns out that the noise was the fire crackling above their bedroom. They managed to get their dog and just a few belongings out before the whole house was engulfed in flames. Since this fire happened in January on one of the coldest nights of the year, you can only imagine the trauma and devastation this event would bring. But according to my parents, because of their insurance policy, they were able to be reimbursed for all of their belongings and had the home rebuilt on the same site in just four month’s time. I sometimes hear people complain about having to pay for car insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Because of the house fire that my parents lived through, it has made me appreciate the benefits of having insurance to help make the recovery process a little smoother.

It’s hard to believe that my third year of Nursing School at the University of Virginia is coming to an end, and I am very excited to continue my journey of becoming a nurse. My expenses this year at UVA were almost $25,000 and I expect the following year will be about the same. My dad has worked so hard to  provide my family with the best life possible – even making career choices that allowed our family to stay living in Stafford County our entire childhood. In 2006, my father retired from the United States Army, and had to continue working to support my family and to put both my brother and my sister through college. Now my brother has graduated from James Madison University and my sister still needs to finish her nursing degree. My father is sixty years old and wants to retire, but must continue to work because of my schooling. He has worked so hard his entire life, and I would be honored to be able to help my dad out for once. Even though I plan to pay for all of my books and my spending money with my savings and part-time jobs in college, the cost of college tuition will be my parent’s responsibility. They have both sacrificed so much for my siblings and me, and this is a perfect opportunity to give some of that back. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a very generous personality, which is without a doubt, all because of the way that my parents raised me. Both of my parents have worked extremely hard to be able to provide an amazing life for me and my two older siblings. They have already sacrificed so much to put my brother through college, and are currently putting my sister through nursing school. Since I am the last of the three kids to attend college, I am trying to help my parents out as much as possible by paying for many of my educational expenses. Currently I am taking a full load of nursing classes in college and am also working two jobs. This scholarship will help my entire family out financially by helping to cover my books and tuition, as well as helping me to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse.

I grew up in a household where I was told to always follow my dreams, no matter how outrageous they may seem. As I have grown older, my dreams have transformed from being a princess, to becoming the first woman president, and have finally evolved to the dream that controls my thoughts today; a dream of simply wanting to make a difference in the world by becoming a nurse.  An old family friend once shared with me the type of work she participated in at the local Hospice organization. My grandmother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and lived a very challenging life after the doctors discovered the disease, so Hospice has always been very dear to my family. I became a teen volunteer and in 2011 I received the Volunteer of the Year Award for Mary Washington Hospice. I never joined Hospice with the hopes of receiving this award; I never joined Hospice so it would look good on job applications andresumes. I can honestly say that I became involved with Hospice to honor my grandmother and to make people more comfortable in their last stages of life.

My reasons for wanting to become a nurse have become very personal over the last couple of years. AJ (a close friend) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Finally, after over a year of battling this disease, AJ and his family were sent to St. Jude’s Hospital in Tennessee but after a few short weeks, it became evident that AJ was not going to make it. I am more determined than ever to become the kind of nurse that will bring comfort and support to patients and their families during these kinds of life-changing events. If there is any good that can be taken from losing a good friend at such a young age, it can be a vision for me to become a little more human, a little more compassionate, and a little more sensitive to the needs of patients in my journey to become a nurse.

I recently completed my most challenging semester in nursing school here at the University of  Virginia. People had warned me about the stress and demands of a third-year nursing student, but I really had no idea of what to expect. Besides taking a full load of nursing classes, I was also doing two clinicals per week (pediatrics and gerontology) at the hospital. I’m very proud of the fact that with this intense schedule, I was able to make the Dean’s List for the fifth time here at UVa. I am also a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. I have continued to work on research projects with one of my nursing professors relating to the study of Alzheimer’s patients. We will be presenting our research findings this spring at the Southern Gerentological Society Convention. I am proud to say that I am a co-author in an article about Alzheimer’s disease that will soon appear in the Journal of Family Nursing. Last summer I worked at the UVa hospital in the STBICU (Surgical Trauma Burn Intensive Care Unit) as a Care Technician. Balancing work, classes, and a social life is not always easy but I look at my long-term goal of becoming a trauma nurse and that is what keeps me going.  With continued hard work in the classroom and experience in the hospital, that dream of making a difference in the world is definitely within my reach. My parents have laid the foundation for me to have a successful life. I know I will always remember the story of their house burning down in the middle of the night, and the necessity of having  insurance to help you through life’s challenges.

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