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Insurance means many things to me as I am currently working as a licensed insurance representative. At first it was just a job opportunity but grew into a part of who I am today. Insurance is extremely important to protect everything of value to you. Whether you want to protect your home, your vehicle, your health, or your life it is an integral part of life for all involved. When you buy insurance you are also investing in your future and the protection of those around you. Many people do not understand what insurance means for their everyday lives and what they are spending their money on. I feel in my position I get to see both views on insurance as a consumer and as a representative of consumers.

This insight has helped me provide more understanding for customers as to what they are actually buying when they pay for insurance. I enjoy being able to provide assistance to people who may not fully understand why they need certain coverage for their home or auto. Along with the gained knowledge on insurance items I received through this position I have also gained more knowledge about those we help. By helping people understand their insurance I have learned how to communicate more efficiently. It has also opened my eyes to viewing situations from more than one side in order to fully appreciate what is happening.

Much like investing in the stock market by buying insurance you are investing in your future. Consider what you are buying when you purchase a life insurance policy when you purchase this insurance you are ensuring that, if anything were to happen to you, your family would be secure and be able to handle any costs that should come. When you purchase auto insurance you invest in protecting those on the road in case of accidents as well as protecting those in your vehicle. When you purchase health insurance you make the decision to invest in a preventative measure in case you or your loved ones become ill. When you purchase home insurance you are protecting your initial investment in buying the home by investing in the prolonged use of your home.

As insurance grows each year we gain more understanding of what is important to all people and how we can better assist them in finding the right product for them. As we work with people we form relationships and learn from them as much as they learn from us. These experiences also trickle over into personal life and help us to understand more about those we love. We learn about our consumers aspirations and are able to assist them in achieving these dreams by providing them piece of mind. That is the ultimate goal of insurance to help people protect what is important to them and to help them achieve their dreams.

In my personal life insurance has helped me become more responsible and work towards my goals in life. From what I have learned working as an insurance representative I know that anything can happen in the blink of an eye and having a safety net such as insurance can lessen the blow immensely. For me one safety net is my education as I feel learning is the most intriguing and important parts of life. By gaining as much knowledge from school and life experience I am more able to understand how the world works and what my place in it should be. I have known for a long time that the career I choose will be focused on helping others and by working in the insurance industry I realize that is exactly what I want to focus my educational efforts on.

Another safety net I fall back on is my family which to me is the most important aspect of my life. By working in the insurance industry I am able to advise them on the best options for them and ensure they have the best protection possible. I constantly think about what I would suggest to my family when I speak with clients about their insurance as well. I recognize that many people feel the same about their families and would want the best coverage to prevent as much loss as possible. I acknowledge from their families’ perspective what it would mean if anything were to happen to them and suggest they consider it as well when purchasing any insurance product.

Insurance is a huge aspect in life and can be the difference between a miniscule or devastating loss. My goal in this industry is to do as much as possible to share my knowledge and experience with clients in order to help them make the best decisions for themselves and their families. My goal in life is to do the same for myself and my loved ones as well as those I will work with in the future. Insurance has helped me learn so much about life and planning for the future that I feel will help me in the long run. If I had not been in this position I do not feel I would fully appreciate everything insurance does for people. The insurance industry means so much more to me than a job it means opportunity for the future.

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