Miranda S

Why is insurance important to me, you ask? Insurance should be important to EVERYBODY, because insurance picks up the pieces that you cannot afford to. Obviously, it is a requirement in the state of Louisiana to have auto insurance if you drive a vehicle. When my daughter was 2 months old, we were coming to a stop sign and a woman came out of a parking lot, she didn’t even stop to look both ways, and t-boned my car….with my infant daughter in there. Her insurance paid for the damages and emergency room visit for my child, but had she not had insurance, my insurance would have had to cover the damages, IF I had more than liability, the state’s minimum requirement, and my premium more than likely would have gone up. As far as medical insurance, my income is too low to meet the requirements for the Obamacare health plans, so my daughter and I are currently on Medicaid until I can make more money….thank GOD. My Medicaid has been such a blessing, because I do not have to pay much out of pocket for visits and prescriptions. If it weren’t for the Medicaid health insurance, I would be suffering with lots of health issues, like kidney problems. I was diagnosed with kidney stones a few months ago, and the pain was unbearable. If it were not for my Medicaid, I probably could have only gone to the University hospital in my area, and waited 2 months for a free follow up appointment. I am so thankful that I have some sort of health insurance. It may not be the fanciest or the best, but at least I have something to cover me medically in an emergency. As far as for life insurance, I am not able to afford that right now, but am definitely in need of getting a policy because I do have a young daughter, Evie, who I would want to be financially taken care of if I were to ever leave this earth spontaneously. My daughter’s grandmother on her father’s side did not have burial insurance, and passed away from cancer a few years ago. All of her children had to raise the money to pay for a proper burial for her, along with donations from family member. I don’t ever want my daughter to have to go through that, I want everything to be financially taken care of, because when you are going through a loss like that, the last thing you want to think of is “how am I going to pay for my mother to have a respectful burial?” When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, her life insurance/burial insurance was able to pay for her funeral, leave money with her children, and even leave money for her grandchildren and great grandchildren! I know I’m still young, but you never know what could happen in the blink of an eye, and I want to make sure my children will at least be financially stable once I am gone.

In the last few weeks, Louisiana has suffered from a dramatic “historical” flood. I live in one of the effected parishes, and have sustained some damages from the flood, but not as bad as some of my neighbors. I personally do not have flood insurance on my home, because for one, I can’t really afford it right now, and for two, I bought my mobile home with cash, and it definitely needs renovations and updates, probably making it not qualify for homeowners or flood insurance. I really wish I did have flood insurance now, because now that my yard had four feet of water sitting on it for almost a week, the ground is so soft. This worries me so much, because my house sits on cinderblocks to life the house (city regulations), and I’m so afraid they will sink into the ground, making my house fall or become un level. My neighbors also didn’t have flood insurance, and they are having to pay out of pocket for repairs because FEMA is still too worried about Baton Rouge to actually come and see about the smaller, poorer parishes. Flood insurance is so important in Louisiana now, especially after the flooding, because there are so many people who have lost everything, and have to start all over again. I couldn’t imagine losing everything that I have worked so hard for. If I had flood insurance, I wouldn’t have to be waiting on a response from FEMA to start fixing the flooring or the cinderblocks holding my house up.

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