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Health insurance is one of the major debatable topics today in the world. This is because in most countries, leaving aside the developing countries, the cost of medical treatment has become prohibitive. The reason is that the health technology that is used today in treatment and the hold of the pharmaceutical companies on the legislative process in most companies creates a strangle hold where citizens have access to only expensive medicines across the counter and are unable to afford treatment in the normal process. The question here is that is the process of health insurance simple enough for treatment and reimbursement what with several different types of packages that are created by different health insurance companies who feel they have a moral obligation NOT to pay out medical reimbursement to the those who hold their health insurance policies. (The World Bank, 2016)

There is network of health care organizations – pharmaceutical companies – medical professionals who hold the control over the healthcare funds in the country. This has made it necessary to take a health insurance in order to be able to get the right treatment should I need it. Health insurance is important to me because if I am healthy and I have the free mind to know that I can avail of treatment because I have a health insurance makes all the difference in my daily life and in my professional area of work as, if one day I am not at work, I have one lost day of earning. (Sewell,2013) The stress levels today are so high because of the fast paced world that most of the individuals suffer from the regular symptoms of fatigue, stress and anger. To deal with such issue such as stress and fatigue immediate medical attention is necessary or else it could lead to serious illness which I can ill afford at this stage of my life. Anger management on the other hand, can be carried out over a period of time slowly and is not very expensive to know the technique of how to a mange anger. (Humana,2016). But, stress and fatigue are physiological symptoms which are often mistaken for other symptoms and before an individual is aware there are other prolonged diseases that set in which require long term care and treatment. (AHA,2016)

My focus on health insurance increased when I came across my neighbor’s across the street who were upper middle class, the man narrated to me that his wife fell sick suddenly, treatment did not work on her as she had been brought to the hospital too late. Ever since then, the lady has been in hospital, it is now two and a half years of 2days at home and 6 months in hospital. With her it started with fatigue and stress levels with the loss of appetite, all she would want to do is drink tea and she kept working round the clock as if there was not tomorrow. My neighbor’s had health care insurance but as the years passed and the insurance policies expired, no company as willing to provide further insurance of her and the husband took to selling things in the house, then the assets, then the mobile assets and finally they sold their home. (Hadley,Bovbjerg,2007)

I saw them one evening when I was at home from my window two sons and a father standing on the pavement with just three small suitcases everything else has been sold to pay for the medical treatment as the insurance companies would not cover her anymore. It was this one sight that showed me the importance of saving for medical emergencies and also for getting the right type of insurance cover which would cover expenses without having to worry about paying medical bills. I invited my neighbor’s to stay at my home small as it was for as long as they wished. The two boys one 14 and the other 15, they started working and would run to work straight after school or before going to school, The father and I would take turns to make their breakfast and to packs food for them to eat so that they did not have to worry about food. I saw all of us sitting at my drawing room putting the week’s collections and counting it for their mother and the extra hours of work that my neighbor put which was paid weekly.


It was then that I realized how much they all loved this woman in the family and how much they fought to keep her alive and well. On her home visits twice she lived in my home and would look at my face and hold my hand.  She remained the center-point of a bonded family even in her illness. This was heartbreaking, but we all still keep hope. This is how I learned its best to get a health insurance and the best insurance that would cover all the liabilities, because not everyone can afford to pay medical bills.


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