Mikayla M

For a while, I didn’t go to the donut shop on the corner of FM 3040 and FM 2499. Everytime I passed by, my breath shortened; my heart raced. I heard the sound similar to that of a hundred soda cans being crushed. For a while, I didn’t make left turns. My palms would sweat and out of paranoia, I constantly looked over my shoulder. For a while, I didn’t cross over medians. I would drive to the next light, no matter how far, to make the turns. For a while, I was terrified.

Ten o’clock on a Saturday morning, my friend and I have an insatiable desire for something sweet. We skim the streets in order to get a quick fix and ultimately settle on the donut shop on the corner of FM 3040 and 2499. I maneuver my 1999 Acura RL through the thick traffic to cross over into the donut shop parking lot. As I pull out of the median, I navigate my car across three lanes of oncoming traffic. Suddenly, my friend yells. Before I process her words, my body jerks and I hear the horrific sound no driver behind the wheel of a vehicle ever wants to hear.

Paralyzed with shock, I sit and attempt to decipher what h appened. Did I just get in a car accident? Certainly, this mu st be a dream. I am a safe driver and safe drivers who look both ways and check their mirrors don’t get into car accidents. But, as I peer out my window I see the SUV that hit me stopped in the road along with others who narrowly avoided the accident. I turn to my friend in the passenger’s seat and see the fear in her eyes. I frantically say I am sorry, hoping that maybe my apologies will make this horror disappear.

My hand trembling, I grasp the door handle and attempt to carry my adrenaline filled body out the seat of my car. The sun seems brighter and hotter. My legs struggle to carry the weight of my body. I find it harder to speak as I apologize to the driver who stepped outside the damaged vehicle. As we wait for the police, I stand there sobbing. Passerbys direct their concerns to the driver, asking if he is okay. A witness hands him her card while reassuring him she is on his side. As I feebly stand in front of the scraps of my car lying on the concrete, I feel as if no one is concerned about my well being.

After retelling the painful story of the wreck to the police and my parents, I constantly hear the horrific sound of the metal frame of my car being crushed. Images of the car bumper lying completely dismantled pass through my mind daily. A sense of guilt overcame me. I feel culpable for the danger and distress I had put my family, my friend and the other driver in. I feel terribly alone in my own pile of guilt. As a sixteen year old girl who just suffered the traumatic physical and emotional damage of a car accident, I felt helpless.

But, as the days drew on, I soon realized the tremendous aid my insurance had provided me. My insurance company assisted me during one of the most traumatic times in my life. With the enormous weight of the aftermath of the accident weighing upon my shoulders, my insurance agent provided guidance and forgiveness. And after I totaled one of the two cars my family owned, my insurance company not only paid for our rental car, but gave us a fair enough

price on our totaled car in order to purchase a new one. When I felt uncertain and scared, my insurance company managed to ease the pain of my car accident.

Insurance is important to me because my insurance company assured me that during such distressing times, I was not alone. Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful, and insurance companies do their best to alleviate the stress and despair that come with it. If I had not had insurance, my parents would have to carry the costly burden of having to repair the damages of not only my car, but the other driver’s. I never truly understood the impact insurance has on people’s lives until I had to use it. I vow to always have insurance in the case of an emergency, because even safe drivers who look both ways and check their mirrors get into car accidents.

Six months after my car accident, I went to the donut shop on the corner of FM 3040 and FM 2499, I started making left turns, and I crossed over medians. Insurance helped me gain my confidence back as a driver and this is why insurance is important to me.

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