Michelle F

My education is special… And… Insurance is special to me, I was involved in an auto accident. The driver at fault was under insured. I was fortunate that my policy covered uninsured under insured. The accident caused me to have a ruptured disc that required me to have a a cervical disc removed replaced and screwed and plated, this was life altering for myself and my family. Without insurance we would have been financially devastated with over $50,000 in medical bills plus the loss of wages. I never thought I’d work again, let alone have an opportunity to change my career and get an education. With help of scholarships I have a chance to attend college again.

Twenty four years ago I attended Northwestern Michigan College studying engineering. I found myself overwhelmed with a three year old an another baby on the way. I believe it is important to avoid taking on student loan debt or any debt for that fact. People relate to debt as the american way to get ahead, when all reality it is why america is in dire straights.

At 48 years old, I have worked my adult years serving local families and building companies around Northern Michigan wearing many hats to include new construction cleaning, developing land,drawing blueprints and design. Today I have finally decided on a path to a degree. I am currently studying in the Fresh Water Studies Program not only for the love of the fresh water lakes that surround me and my family, but, because of the opportunity it could bring to travel to other areas around the world that may be struggling to see the importance of clean water to sustain a healthy environment for generations to come. Although I have not yet decided on the exact path I will take I can assure you it will be one that could make the most impact on the world and my future to educate people and make the right decisions for a better world.

My ideal career plans would be to continue living in beautiful Northern Michigan and giving back to my community I have lived in for over 40 years while possibly traveling to other locations that are in need. I have always been adventurous and curious of anything I have not yet experienced and as I grow older and my children have grown into adult hood travel has been my passion.

My education goals are to complete my schooling with a degree that I will be passionate about this is why I have chosen the Fresh Waters Study with a keen interest in the Underwater Drone Program I would like to combine with the Fresh Water Studies. Regardless of which avenue this adventure of studies takes me, I promise that I will have my heart into the Environment and fresh water that is a vital commodity to our lives.

My motivation for this is selfish, as I have traveled and seen the gift we have been given and the abuse and negligence of others have shown for the fresh waters some take for granted. I want my children and their children to experience the beautiful gift what I have taken for granted as I grew up enjoying the great lakes and not realizing how precious it is to have clean water.

This scholarship would help me, as I want to not only continue enjoying the clean water in our area, but, I want to help educate others and fight for fresh water around the world. I promise my education will not be used sitting by the wayside watching anyone destroy the water, I will educate and fight for a better future in fresh water.

My love for nature and the outdoors include Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, And spending time with my family and animals. I also volunteer to the community with the homeless and especially those who are cognitively impaired and homeless.

I have had the pleasure of hiking in the beautiful Pictured Rocks National park with my children throughout their lives. One hike rings a bell when my boys were young and innocent. Since the tour boat was below and we were high on the ledges of pictured rocks hiking trails, they thought is was devious to moon the tour boats from the cliffs 100′ of feet above the boats. To our delight we could hear the tourist below laughing at the spectacles of these young careless kids having the time of their lives. Well, needless to say they decided to do it at lake level towards the end of or hike, little did they know it was where the tour boat came in close to look at a rock named castle rock and the boat came closer to shore for a better look just as they gave them one last moon for the hike. I  of course had to turn up the heat and yell “you’re busted they are coming to shore and arresting you!” with frantic laughing and pulling up trousers we all ran off up a steep climb heading back to the Jeep. A time we will never forget and one I’m sure the onlookers will laugh about for years to come. Innocent memories made. I definitely will splash the cash on needs for school and hopefully another hiking trip to make more fond memories.

This fall I am enrolled into Plant Biology and Math 23, I plan on starting Spanish and continuing Math along with taking the Fresh Water Introduction class.

Thank you for any and all considerations, I look forward to the continuation of my education.

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