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Insurance is a fundamental part of every person’s life, whether they drive a car, live in an apartment, a house, or a boat, insurance is there to protect the things that matter. Insurance is an incredibly unique kind of service, as it is one of the only services available that helps an individual make sure that their belongings are protected in the event of something that is out of their control. Being responsible enough to purchase insurance for you and your family is an incredible act of foresight, as there is no way to know that you will be safe all of the time, nor is it a good idea to be naive enough to think that a disaster will never happen to you or your family.

Insurance is important to me because without it, I wouldn’t be able to make it to my job, my school, or anywhere that I need to go. In paying for my own car, I put a tremendous financial burden on myself, since I am a full time student attending college and I work whatever days I am off. Even with working as much as I do, most of my money still goes to paying for the car that allows me to travel between work, school, and home. Without insurance, if something were to happen to my car, I wouldn’t be able to afford the repairs needed to get it up and running again, or to replace it in the event that it was completely irreparable. Due to making only minimum wage and a lack of a bachelor’s degree at the time, I don’t even have the funds available to put money away in the event that I would need to replace my car. Because of this, my insurance offers me an immense feeling of security. By paying a little bit extra every month, I’m ensuring that if a disaster were to happen to my car, I would be able to get it repaired and get to the places that I need to be in order to attain the goals I have set for myself.

Not only is insurance important to me, but it is to those with medical bills, and those who have more to protect than I do. My step mother recently had a blood clot, and had to depend on her insurance to make sure that a crippling financial burden was not put on herself. Just one of the hospital bills from a surgery came out to be over $60,000. Because of insurance, she did not have to pay this astronomical amount. It is a blessing that insurance can be there to help a family stay out of debt, especially when disaster strikes when we are least expecting it. To go through life worrying about if you might have to pay the equivalent of a small house if anyone in your family gets hurt would place an enormous amount of stress on almost anybody. However, because of the benefits and financial security and insurance provides, we are able to go about our days, confident that if anything were to happen to us or our loved ones, we would still be able to support them.

Even in the event of a disaster that doesn’t have to involve people at all, insurance is there to protect the things that matter the most to us and our families. It can protect households from earthquakes, leaks, robberies, and fires, as well as damage from extreme weather conditions. In the case of a disaster so great that it would destroy one of the biggest financial investments an individual can make, insurance is there to give a family reaffirmation that they will not have an insane financial burden placed upon them in the event of a catastrophe.

However, out of all of these, the most important thing that insurance does for me is it gives me the security to know that if something happens to my mom, I will be okay. Life insurance is an invaluable asset to children who would not otherwise be able to support themselves, as I am unable to currently. If something happened to my mom, who is my only caregiver financially, I am not sure what I would do. Because of Life insurance, I am given the reassurance that if something did happen to my  mom, I would be able to take care of myself financially, and continue to live safely. Insurance is an incredible lifeline for everybody, and a way to make sure that the people who matter the most to you are taken care of in the event that you can no longer take care of them yourself. There is an incredible amount of uncertainty in the world, but thankfully, there are things that we can be certain about because of insurance.

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