Meredith S

Insurance is extremely important to have in all aspects of life. It can by a little costly, but is worth it in the long-run for many reasons. There are various types of insurance that you can get. The types of insurance I have that are important to me include health, life, auto, dental, vision, homeowners and a few others. Health, dental, and vision insurance are extremely important because sometimes emergencies happen and I would be unable to pay for bills if it were not for my insurance. For example, one time I had a health scare which caused me to have to go to the emergency room. Health insurance helped me tremendously by helping pay for the tests I had to have performed. For those in America like myself who cannot afford to pay for extra things such as dental and eye doctor check ups regularly, insurance is a savior. When I have to get new glasses or contacts, insurance helps me. I am so thankful for insurance to help me keep my body in great condition. Another type of insurance that is important to me is life insurance. It is crucial for my immediate family and me to have life insurance just in case something tragic were to happen to one of us. My family is the most important part of my life, and without them my life would not be complete. If something fatal were to happen to one of my parents, it would be nearly impossible to pay for our regular bills and day-to-day lifestyle. Life insurance would help pay for funeral costs and help with bills and things that that family member would normally pay for. Car insurance is another insurance I choose to not go without. Even if I am as safe of a driver as I can be, I can never control how others are going to drive around me. There are drunk drivers, people who text and drive, and just plain careless drivers. I also can not stay under the assumption that other things could not happen to me. There are possibilities of hitting deer or other animals and other possibilities of weather occurrences such as tornadoes. Wrecks happen every single day and I have to have insurance because I would not be able to afford to fix a damaged car, or buy a new one if mine happened to get totaled. Transportation to school and other places is vital because I do not live in a close enough area to town that I could walk or ride a bike anywhere. Homeowners insurance is definitely one of my most important choices for insurance. It is tragic to hear about families that have no where to live after tornadoes or other disasters destroy their home. Tuscaloosa, a town near where I live, was struck by an EF 4 tornado. It was heartbreaking watching television and seeing how many people were living in shelters and other places because they had lost everything. I have a family member who lived in Tuscaloosa at the time. Her home was destroyed and if she and her husband had not had homeowners insurance, they would not have been able to get an apartment shortly after the tornado ruined their house. Without insurance, it would take years and years for families to build up enough money to get a new place to live in. Other things that can wipe out a house include hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fire. I would not be able to sleep well at night knowing my family would have no where to turn if something were to happen to our house. Another insurance that is extremely important to me is medical malpractice insurance. As a nursing student, there are many reasons why I have to have this insurance. Malpractice insurance is a type of insurance that protects physicians and other health care professionals from liability affiliated with patients who try to sue them, claiming they were wrongfully harmed by deliberately unsafe decisions being made or negligence. I plan to be a Licensed Practical Nurse as soon as possible because I love helping care for people and I want to do everything I can to make sure my patients get the best treatment and care they can receive. But because bad things can happen whether intentional or not, people in the health care field must get this insurance in order to eliminate the risk of losing their license and job. I cannot wait to go through nursing school and graduate so I can begin my dream career as a nurse. I understand that not everybody can afford to pay for insurance and it is very sad. Without insurance, I would have a lot of extra stress in my life.

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