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The definition of insurance is “coverage by contract in which one party agrees to indemnify or reimburse another for loss that occurs under the terms of the contract (“Insurance” def. 2). Basically, insurance is a type of agreement when someone makes regulated payments to an insurance agency and then, the agency covers anything that was under the agreement like if the person is injured or decease, and value of a car or house if it’s stolen or damaged. Throughout my eighteen years of living, I started to pick up a couple things such as, the types of insurance I hear going around. The main types of insurance are: health, car, homeowner’s, life and disability.  June 13,2016 was the date that completely changed my mindset about insurance. That day is the most weighed memory I ever have thus far, the day I lost my best friend.

Her name was Chelsea she died on the rectangular, metallic, icy table. I’ll never forget the way she looked at me before her eyes started closing, choosing her destiny. I first got Chelsea when I was five years old and she was just a puppy.

We went through so many stages together, from elementary to graduating high school and now on her deathbed. Regretting not getting pet insurance for her runs through my mind. I never thought it would helped her or my family and I financially and emotionally. It started with a ball under her breast my mom and I went to the veterinary immediately to find out that it was a tumor, we got it surgically removed the week after. Couple months’ pass by and I noticed she was breathing heavily, harsh coughs and she wasn’t eating enough. We then went to the vet again to find out that there was water in her lungs and that heart was too big for her. The doctor wanted to have surgical procedure to dry up the water but bills started to pile up from her last surgery and her medications. My mother couldn’t afford to pay out of her pocket again, so we waited until she had enough to pay for the procedure.

A month passed by and we found another tumor, it was then my mom couldn’t afford another procedure. Chelsea was already 13 years old, a bit old for her breed and we didn’t want to see her suffering anymore so we just stopped all the medications, doctors visit and procedures. After making that decision all what was left is enjoying the time we have left with her, and that’s what we did, until last summer. Feelings of guilt, denial, anger and sadness were my shield. I didn’t know if it was my fault or my mom’s for not getting pet insurance for her, the pain still flows through my blood because she’s not with me anymore.

If we bought pet insurance for her when she was a puppy we would’ve had help with the expenses. Especially since it was an unexpected, unfortunate lost. Even though no one wants to pay a plan that may or may not even happen, it’s better to be prepare. Auto insurance can cover you from dents to accidents, home can help you with the flood during hurricane season, but life and your loyal companion aren’t irreplaceable. Losing a loved one’s life, someone you deeply cared for, spent time together now is gone because of a decision. My situation is different from many, I did not get into a car accident, my house is in mint condition but I did lose a life and she was my best friend.

Others might not see pet insurance as a priority or not care for it at all and say “It’s an animal, that’s part of life” consider this next time, if one knew there was a way to help a family loved one, meanwhile covering expenses would one let them suffer and let life take its course or will one take action and prevent expenses, sadness, depression, and loss of hope hovering over. If I knew what I know now about insurance especially pet insurance, I would’ve wanted Chelsea to be insured and protected from any health issues with full coverage. I’m writing as a testimonial of how insurance would’ve helped my family and I. Today, most people think insurance agencies are just trying to scam them with additional offers that is not necessary, but in the end having a plan there when your world is crashing into pieces will be worth it. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the pain and hardships I faced in the passing of my best friend, which is why getting pet insurance is critical for your furry loved ones or any other form of insurance because you never know when you’re going to need it.

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