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You look up and there are flashing lights everywhere! The light turned green, but for some reason you’re stuck in this situation. A man in blue walks up to with your front end busted and side windows shattered. “Are you okay ma’am?” the man asks. Your nerves are so shocked over what just happened, you don’t even respond to the question that was asked of you. Accidents happen, and sometimes they’re not even your fault, but having insurance can help you through these rough times.

Insurance is the best piece of mind that you can have. Insurance helps you through your downfalls and through your emergencies. If your house were to catch on fire, and you lost all of your personal items, that’s when you call your insurances company and make a claim. The insurance company’s first priority is your health; they’re going to ask you if you and your family are okay, and then worry about your belonging (those are the things that can be replaced). Your insurance company will help you through every step of the way and sometimes that’s what you need when you are dealing with these situations.

As we all know, life can be very hard and there are some situations that are a little harder to deal with such as losing your health. Being diagnosed with a severe illness or being severly injured can be very devastating and many times unexpected. It can be very scary and stressful for you and your family to go through. If you are diagnosed with an illness (hopefully not terminal) or severely injured (hopefully not fatal), the last thing you want to worry about is having access to medical treatment. During these difficult times, you want to be able to concentrate more on the recovery and less on bills. Having access to proper healthcare by way of medical insurance is a way to ease the stress of having access to medical treatment. In some ways, having access to medical treatment can significantly reduce stress and be an imperative part of the healing process for many patients. Many people may find that they will recover faster from an illness or injury by worrying less about medical expenses. An individual should not be faced with the dilemma of saving money at the expense of medical treatment. Having health insurance provides a sense of security for you and your loved ones.

Also, short-term and long-term disability insurance is also a very smart insurance to have. This type of insurance allows an individual to file a claim to receive a percentage of his / her salary in the event that they become ill and / or sick and can’t work. Many employers offer this type of insurance to their employees as an added benefit or a benefit that they can pay for at a very low cost.

As mentioned before, life can bring about so many unexpected changes. Losing a loved one can be a very traumatic experience. However, losing someone and not having enough money to cover their final expenses after their death can be just as devastating. Having life insurance would assist family members with expenses after someone passes. Final expenses may include, but is not limited to funeral expenses, medical bills or as an inheritance for loved ones. No one really likes the idea of discussing the death of someone they loved, but purchasing a life insurance policy is a very important discussion to have.

Life is complex and can deal so many unexpected situations and no one wants to be in a position to where they are not prepared. Having insurance is very important and a responsible part of life. We can’t predict the future or determine how our lives will all play out, but we can be proactive and put mechanisms in place just in case the unthinkable happens. Now day’s even entertainers have insurance policies to cover their events and venues. No one goes to a concert expecting something to happen, but in the event that something does, there is an insurance policy in place to help protect the entertainer and all the stakeholders involved.

In conclusion, insurance is very important to have for all facets of life. Many may feel the upfront cost of insurance is expensive, but in the long run it is priceless. The world is filled with various types of stakeholders and it is all of our responsibility to protect ourselves as well as each other with proper insurance coverage.

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