Megan C

I have heard my parents repeat the phrase – it’s a good thing that we have insurance… A couple of years ago, I really did not understand what that meant. To be completely honest, I did not care or want to know about it. Now, as a senior in high school, in pursuit of my acceptance into college, I fully understand the need for insurance. I am completely aware of the importance of insurance in today’s world.

Insurance is vital to each household; the coverage protects your home from unexpected incidents. Bad things may happen when you least expect it, but insurance helps the homeowner to rebuild or replace. This provides peace of mind to the homeowner and his/her family. The home is traditionally one of the largest investments that an individual will make in a lifetime. An insurance policy that will protect the home from various elements and/or incidents, makes for an easy decision. I find comfort in knowing that my parent’s home, the house that I grew up in, will be protected from a fire, flood or earthquake. Our family has an emotional attachment to this home, so naturally, protecting the home is of the utmost priority.

Now that I am an official driver, and a car service for my younger brother (taking him back and forth to school and lacrosse practice), the purchase of auto insurance coverage is another simple decision. After I received my driver’s license, my parents added me on to their auto policy. My dad explained that driving was a privilege, and if there was any horseplay, it could be taken away in the blink of an eye. He informed me that my policy was very expensive, since I am considered a first time driver. Being an attentive and responsible driver was job number one.

It’s a good thing that I had auto insurance. I got into an accident, and it was pretty frightening. I hit the car that was to my right. My rear bumper hit their front grill. Luckily, it was only a fender bender. I was scared. My mom was surprisingly calm. We exchanged information with the other party and got back into the car. My mom reassured me that everything was going to be alright. She explained the two important elements of the accident, A) no one was injured (thankfully) and B) we have coverage through our auto insurance.

My maternal grandfather passed away when he was 57. I never met him. My mom and uncle had to work hard to help my grandmother financially since my grandfather did not have any life insurance. My mom saw how difficult it was for my grandmother. Aside from the grief of losing her husband, struggling financially could have been prevented with a life insurance policy. During one family dinner conversation, my parents informed my brother and me what their plans (for us) were if they both passed away. They had private discussions about their will and now wanted to let their children know what the plans were. This was the first time I heard about life insurance. My parents showed us where the actual documents were stored and informed us the value of each policy. They said that it was important for us to know these facts, since we were now old enough to understand.

Health insurance is currently a crucial topic. There are many people who do not have any health insurance. With the rising costs of healthcare, one surgery/procedure could setback a family indefinitely without health insurance. I am fortunate to have good health insurance. I am able to go to my routine check-ups for preventative care. Regular appointments and maintenance foster good health. Good health habits lead to healthy life styles. A healthy way of living can accent the golden years. One thing promotes another. Your health is your wealth.

Insurance provides the means to protect your home, automobiles, health and your children’s future. Why not protect the assets that you have worked so diligently for? The insurance policies that you carry (home, auto, health, life) allow you to live life without too much worry. The common thread amongst all of the aforementioned scenarios – the events are unexpected. Eventually, I will purchase these policies on my own. I value the worth of each insurance policy. An insurance policy supports the people (it protects) to pick themselves up and move on. The purpose of insurance is to assist people to make it out of a natural disaster or a death in the family virtually unscathed financially. To me, that is worth every dollar.

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