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Many things come to mind when I think about insurance.   I associate the concepts of security and peace of mind with obtaining insurance. Many people view insurance in a negative light.  Some even view it as a “necessary evil”.  But to a responsible, caring person, insurance serves a very honorable and respectable purpose.  In fact, when it really comes down to it, purchasing insurance demonstrates responsibility and in many cases, represents an act of love.

Really?  How can insurance be considered an act of love?  Many would say that this analogy would be over the top.  I would argue what when you really get to the heart of the matter, considering insurance an act of love is precisely accurate.  Life insurance is a perfect example.  When the parents of young children decide to invest in life insurance policies on themselves to provide for the children in the event one or both of them dies, that is an act of love and often sacrifice.  They could spend that money on a new car, a trip, or something they want for themselves.  Instead, they make the responsible decision and choose to make sure their family is provided for should an event leave them in an unfortunate place.  Would this not be considered an act of love?   The same argument can be made for disability insurance.  When tragic events occur like a death to the provider of a family, nothing can replace the heartache of their loss, but imagine how much worse it could be if financial problems were piled on top of the loss.

Is it possible that home insurance, auto insurance and liability insurance can also be purchased out of love?  I believe so.   For most people, their home is where their family lives.  It’s where families feel secure and at ease.  Home is also where memories are made.  When a catastrophic event takes place to the home like a fire or tornado damage, insurance provides the only financial means to get the home back in order and restore normality back to their lives.  By purchasing home, auto, and liability insurance, many people are demonstrating that they care enough about their family and possessions to invest in them.

What about liability insurance?  Liability insurance is as important as life insurance and disability insurance to me.  I have to admit that I did not understand why it is as important until I talked to our insurance agent.  He explained to me that while protecting our assets against damage is important, it pales in comparison to not protecting our entire lifestyle with the right amount of liability insurance.  He told me the story of one of his customers that was at fault in a terrible automobile accident.  The driver of the other car was a man who was paralyzed from the neck down as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.  The man had a family with young children at home and could no longer work to provide for them.  Although it was a bad situation for all, our agent’s customer had purchased high limits of liability insurance.  The customer had been responsible and purchased liability insurance out of love for his family in case of an event that would leave his family without a support system.

What about insurance to protect our possessions?   Do I think it is important to protect the things we own?  Of course!  In fact, I think it is important to act responsibly and protect your assets with insurance. In most cases, it just makes good financial sense to invest in protecting assets.  Most people work hard to achieve the lifestyle they enjoy and things they have purchased along the way.  It only makes sense to make sure all that hard work does not go to waste because of a major incident.

Insurance may often be viewed as something that won’t be beneficial to a person.   However, my personal opinion is on the side of it being an act of love and protection.  Without insurance, many households would be left in an even worse condition during a catastrophic event. Insurance has been known to save people from losing everything they have ever earned and loved throughout their lives. Most families benefit more with the right type and amount of insurance over those who decide to only purchase the minimum amount of insurance required.  When asked what insurance really means to me, I simply respond by saying that insurance gives my family a peace of mind and a sense of leverage through life.

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