Maurisha J

Do I even have to say how unexpected life can be? If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I know we have all heard this phrase before and it is true. You never know what life is going to throw at you so it is important to always be prepared. Insurance is important to me because it is that fallback safety net that allows me to live life without concern. I am not worried about breaking my leg because I know my insurance will cover my cast and crutches, I am not worried about getting a cavity because I know my dentist will pull that tooth right out and I’ll go get ice cream right after. Unfortunately, not everyone came be as worry-free as I am. I am fortunate enough to be on my mother’s insurance until the age of 26. But after that will I be as worry free? Most likely I won’t be. Insurance is important to me because I know that every check my mom’s job takes out a certain amount of money so that I am completely covered. I know that my mom will tell me to go to the doctor’s about the slightest stomach ache because I can, and I know that I will also because I can.

But imagine that I couldn’t. Imagine that I had an infection that was slowly but surely eating me alive. Imagine that I had a tumor in my leg and I couldn’t get it cut out so it continues to grow and consume me. Imagine that just for a moment I couldn’t get that cavity pulled out, so I had to sit every day and experience the excruciating pain that came with a rotting tooth. I don’t know if you can imagine it but I sure can. Nobody that has insurance sits and thinks about all the minor things we take for granted. We don’t sit and say “hey, what if I didn’t have insurance?” And we don’t ask those questions because, of course, we don’t need to. But believe it or not there are thousands of people who avoid living life as careless as me because they have to worry about hurting themselves and not being able to have it fixed. Insurance to me means life. Where would I be if I couldn’t do all the reckless young adult things I do now. Having to live a fearful life of what if’s. Knowing that if something did happen to me I couldn’t go to a hospital to have help because the first thing they look at is if they take the insurance I carry.

Now I’m a college sophomore and my mom completely pays my way through school. She has opened her home to two of my nephews to come live with us. We own a home, we have a car, and I live an expensive life of shopping whenever she has free money. I have no job and am completely reliant of her income. What if, God forbid, my mother got into an accident and she passed away. Along with the emotional turmoil I am dealing with I now have to drop out of school, take care of my nephews, the mortgage, the utility bills, and the car payments. That alone is enough to drive me to my grave if my mother didn’t have life insurance as well. I cannot imagine a life without any kind of insurance. How will I pay for all of the things I never thought I would have to deal with? I couldn’t just drop out of school and be done with it. Pretty soon (about six months) the loan I took out to help fund my education will need to be paid back, and we cannot forget about that interest rate.

Imagine if I had broken my neck being crazy like college students are and even though I didn’t have insurance I went to the doctor’s office for help. And because it is an emergence I will be treated. Now, because I am not insured I will be billed full price. That is thousands of dollars that I have to find a way to pay. Not to mention the hospitals charge per day, per meal, etc. Now I cannot pay the bills in a timely manner so my bill is sent to the credit bureau. There goes my credit score! And that’s not all, they may even turn my debt over to a collection agency. Long story short, I do not think about all the benefits that come with insurance but I am thankful that my mother sees the significance in it. Insurance to me means cheerfulness, happy-go-lucky, and security. Security is always a plus because like I’ve said before, life is unpredictable. At the end of the day, insurance just equals a happier and more protected life.

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