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As a 17-year-old high school student, insurance is not a top priority to me, and I have not yet begun to focus on this type of thing in my life as a result. I truly believe that one day I will have insurance and one day also experience the need for it and as an observer, I can definitely appreciate the necessity for it. But I have not used it for myself for any major situations in my life personally. However, I was and have been able to see just how necessary it is to helping people get through a bad situation, when, last year, my father had a heart attack while hiking by himself in the woods five hours away from home. He was barely able to get help, but thankfully he was found and taken to a hospital for treatment. He had surgeries, numerous treatments, and was prescribed many different medications, some of which he still takes to this day. He has undergone physical therapy and still has regular doctor appointments back here at home. Without prompt rescue and treatment, his almost complete recovery would have been, at the very least, much harder, had he survived. And this excellent treatment would not have been possible without insurance. The costs were very high for our family, and the insurance was very much needed to provide the materials to help my father. Our health insurance providers handled an estimated 95% of the extremely costly medical bills, helping my family be able to care for my father without additional financial troubles heaped on top of his medical problems. My father was saved in more than one way in that situation, and or whole family could focus solely on him and his recovery, where the attention belonged, instead of struggling to ensure that he would be fully treated. Having that problem is a big concern for some people, which is terrible, and being able to know that my father would receive all the medical attention he needed, and would be able to be in my life, was truly the best gift I could ask for.

This is not the only time and reason that insurance has been used in my life, but for numerous and obvious reasons, it is the most important. However, my family have used it also for other, smaller reasons, such as when we were involved in a car accident several years ago. A car stopped in front of us suddenly, and we were crashed into from both front and back sides. Our car insurance was necessary for the damages, but fortunately, no one in any cars were hurt, so that was the only insurance we used. Both us and the car behind us needed repairs, and because of insurance, there was no problem taking care of those. Insurance protects us from many of the big things in life that can cause us other irreparable harm, but it also protects us from the little things as well in many cases, like a doctor’s appointment, or a fender-bender. With these assurances, people can feel free to live their lives not dangerously, but securely, safe in the knowledge that if something bad were to happen out of their control to them or to a loved one that they have help.  In a time of crisis, it is the last thing that need to be on the mind, and with insurance, the extra worry that could be directed at a dire situation is not directed towards financial struggles.

A final situation in my life that occurs to me when thinking of insurance and all the ways that it helps people, especially the ones I know, is when I received my driver’s license after months of hard work and practice to earn it and my permit before it. Afterwards, my father chose to add me to the family car insurance so that when I do get a car, I can have a safe back up plan in case an accident happens, or a malfunction with the car occurs. While I do not plan for something to happen, or for there to be any problems with my driving, knowing I am protected and that other drivers are protected, just in case, is a good thing to know. Having car insurance and having my family supporting and believing in me enough is a great thing, and I have less stress on my mind whenever I merge into a freeway, or approach an intersection at night. Of course, it is illegal to not have it, but my father would already have it for him, but he grants me the opportunity to be able to drive and be independent with the help of car insurance.

All of these happenings that arose in my life and were overcome are thanks to insurance. This is why insurance is important to me. It protects me. It protects my family. It protects the people around me. I can be safe, healthy, and independent with insurance, and those are some of the most important things in life to me. Without those options of existence provided to me, I would not be the person I am today, or the person I am meant to and will be.

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