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When you think about the big picture insurance is always a necessary need for a human now a days. People work hard every day to build a solid financial life whether it is for you family or for your future, and to make sure all this hard work you do you want to make sure is protected. So why is insurance important? Well easy accidents or setbacks happen each day, and no accident is easier then another. Especially if it something to do with your home, car, death, and health. You want to know financial if any of these things happened you are covered. Insurance will protect life, and secure your capability to earn income. Insurance helps the society reimburse with accidents. I believe health, life, and my property /car are my most valuable to have insurance.

I am young and people ask me all the time why are you worried about insurance already? My answer is always pretty simple I chose to be a parent at twenty years old. I can no longer be selfish, and I know accidents happen. I would never want anything bad to happen to myself, but if that did happen to me I want to know that my daughter is taken care of. My daughter is all that I care about, and insurance gives me that closure to know she will be protected always. Responsibility was something I was never good at until I had my daughter. I would never want my daughter get stuck in debt or ever feel that she will need help. i have to thank my mother for showing me why it is important to have insurance.

The first insurance I was always taught about is health insurance. I never knew all that health insurance does for you until I went to the doctors and had no insurance. Since I did not have no insurance I did not get the best help, or the best treatment when I was sick, but one thing I did get was a huge bill just to see a doctor. Health insurance is not that expensive there are many different health insurance companies that work with your financial expenses. Yes you may have a copay for your doctor visit, but it is better than having to pay full out of pocket. You can easily go into debt with medical bills.

The second insurance plan I believe every person should have would be life insurance. My mom made me realize has we get older and begin our lives having life insurance is a good financial plan. Since I am a single parent I sleep better at night knowing my daughter and I are protected if anything where to happen to me. Not only does life insurance protect me, but as well as I can leave my baby girl an inheritance. I am not a rich person but I do work my butt off being a single parent, a full time student, and have a full job which gives my daughter a solid financial future. Hopefully I never have any debts to leave my daughter I am very responsible when it comes to my apartment bills, but our life insurance could pay all of that if needed. When my mother sat and explained all of this to me I cried overwhelmed with life, but I cannot tell you how much I appreciated knowing about life insurance it gave me a peace of mind.

The last insurance policy every individual needs and has to have would be car insurance. First off it is a requirement to have if you own or are a driver, but accidents happen and you would hate to get in an accident with no insurance. I recently bought me a new car finally and my daughter loves it so much. The first thing I did was go straight to the insurance company and put full coverage, glass coverage, road side assistance, the full nine yards because safety is everything to me especially for my daughter. No one ever wants to get in an accident, but life happens and all you can do is protect yourself as much as possible even if that means your vehicle and the people in your vehicle are covered.

In conclusion life is unpredictable there are no answers or directions how to live a safe life, but one thing I am thankful for is learning about all the insurance policies I can for the protection for my daughter and myself. Like my mom has always told me, “Life is not free, but insurance is always worth paying for.” Becoming a mom did not come with instructions. I have made life a little bit tough, but I absolutely adore my daughter, and I am thankful all the conversations I have with my own mother. Teaching me how to be a mom as well as responsible because I would never want to live this earth and to give my baby debt, or have her struggle the way I have to make sure she never has to.

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