Maria V

Thank you for taking your time to do this when you don’t have to, thank you for offering to help someone you don’t know and opening a door of opportunity. I would like to extend my request for any type of help in school because I am going through a very difficult time. Allow me to provide background information of myself, I moved to the US from Colombia when I was 8 with my parents and brother, we were ready to begin a new life after the struggle of living in a country that was under so much violence.

At 13 my father passed away from severe cancer, the year after my mother suffered a heart attack. My brother and I started working as soon as we turned 15 to help my mom, the hardest and bravest woman I know. Since then my High School years were very difficult, even working a part-time, it was hard because I could not concentrate solely in school.

At the age of 20 I began working at a law firm where I grew in character, where I matured and learned the hard way that if you don’t go to school and graduate you will most likely have a tough future because of less opportunities. This was a Personal Injury Law Firm where we dealt with Car Insurances and Health Insurances of course. Through-out the 6 years I lasted working at this law firm I intended to attend college several times and would either have to withdraw classes or fail, I did pass them many. It was hard because I worked 40+ every week, I was demanded more than what I was paid for and always had to leave my school work for last; more so because I had to help my mother.

It became even more difficult when my mother’s heart problems showed up again, she suffered a stroke in 2012 where our whole life changed again. At this time my brother had already moved out. I am reaching out to all the possibilities of assistance because I went through an extremely difficult depression beginning of 2016 where I quit my job, now at 26 I learned the importance of school.

Financial Aid denied their assistance because of my withdrawals in the years past but I already quit my job and really need financial assistance. It is for a withdrawal in 2011 and 2012 and even though I showed proof of difficulty they denied it. Please find it possible for me to receive this grant, I am only 4 classes away from graduation. I’ve been back and forth at Miami Dade since 2008 which is 9 years. I am 26 and have really opened my eyes and understood that school is important and I do not want to give up, that I have never done as you can see.

Through-out my time at the Law Firm I was able to work on many Personal Injury Cases and understood the importance of insurance. 6 years of experience taught me it’s necessity for my friends and family or strangers, there is no way that I would allow someone close to me not to have insurance. Car Insurance does not only cover your Medical Expenses, it can also, at one point even help with monetary value if you have UM in your policy. It will also cover the other person impacted if you have Bodily Injury. When we are young we think we are invincible, we believe we’ll never grow old and that we don’t need what adults need but that is not the case with insurance. We always need insurance.

I remember the cases I managed with my attorney, they were severe cases in which everyone was injured. One of the cases that affected me the most was a rape case at a church, I am faithful Christian so this case left me very concerned and if it hadn’t been for the insurance the church carried, the mother’s plaintiff would’ve been left with nothing. Even though this was not a loss of value, vehicle, items, it was a difficult psychological case. There were many things left to say about this case but in essence the lack of security in a public place is unacceptable. Without a doubt, a mother as a responsible adult should not leave her 7-year-old alone even if it was just to walk to the bathroom during mass but she did. Money cannot make up the experience this child had but can assist on psychological evaluations and why not? Possible money for the child’s schooling.

Having insurance allows you to feel safe, it lets you sleep safe knowing you will be covered. You will always be careful but everyone else will not. Having insurance allows you to drive safe knowing if a tree falls on your car, you will be covered. It allows you to keep your family with a guarantee of a possible reimbursement in case of a catastrophe.

How many stories haven’t we heard because of storms? I truly believe insurance companies are important in anyone’s life from a simple road-side assistance to a massive car accident. Insurance companies insure YOU, they fight for you and even go to court if needed. Even though I worked at a Personal Injury office where we had to go against the insurance, it taught me how they are willing to negotiate for their insured. Insurance coverage when in an accident will even reimburse your loss wages! My experience with insurance is that it is one of the biggest blessings to have. A final experience was the death of my father, he died from prostate cancer when I was 13. If it wouldn’t have been for the health insurance my mother had at Publix Supermarket I really would have no idea where we’d be. Medical care is so expensive and specially when it’s a sickness that needs treatment. The health insurance covered every single thing at the hospital, I will forever be thankful.

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