Maraye T

Insurance is important to me because I will never leave my child or children with the financial burden my father has left for me. Growing up the product of a divorced family, and with years of empty promises, my father died September 18, 2016 with no regards to my future. My father never fulfilled his obligations to me by paying the court ordered child support. It was as though I never existed. The $51,000.00 in back child support will never be paid. Even upon his death, he left me nothing. He could have at least provided for my future education by leaving me life insurance. Life insurance is the one gift that we can leave our loved ones.It is such a simple gift to obtain. I honestly can’t believe that people deem it an unnecessary expense. I have worked hard to maintain my grades, hold down a job, and persevere against all odds. However, with the rising cost of higher education and eventually medical school costs, I am angry at my father for never taking the opportunity to show he cared for me. I think it should be mandated that all parents paying child support should also have a life insurance policy in case they pass away before the child can support themselves. Life insurance is more than just a check. It is a security for the future. It can aid in the purchase of school books, supplies, tuition, housing,and support for daily living. Life insurance is the security for tomorrow. It is the promise of hope and love. I am thankful though that my mother has worked all her life to provide for me and obtain life insurance to aid in my future in the extreme chance she is taken from this life before I accomplish my goals. I know now the sacrifice she has made for me. She has made sure that no matter what, she pays the premiums so that one day I can have the security she has promised me. Why do people not take care of their loved ones? One simple phone call to a life insurance salesman; one simple application to fill out; one simple fee each month is all it takes to secure a loved one’s future. I can’t stress enough how well I know what it feels like to be the product of someone who had no life insurance. Please do not leave your children desperately searching for the means to secure their educational goals. Take action now, and obtain the insurance. Insurance know matter what kind, is the security of the future. At the age of 16 years old, I had a small wreck. Because of automobile insurance, the financial burden on my mother and I was just the deductible. If we had not had the automobile insurance, that too would have resulted in a financial burden on us. I know that insurance premiums to some seem to be a waste because we cannot put our hands on the money or see it. The premiums remind me of faith. Faith is defined as having a complete trust or belief in someone or something. Life insurance is like faith. You have to believe that it will pay off someday. The future is unknown to all of us, but buying a piece of security in tomorrow is worth every penny we have. To the providers of Enhanced Insurance, your dedication to the future generations is evident by the support you have in your scholarship program. It shows that you are investing in the younger generations when their families chose not to. My sincere appreciation goes out to companies such as yours. This world is a much better place because of the people that invest in the future. If I could scream it from the rooftop of every building, I would let every single person know how much they need insurance. In fact, insurance is a daily commodity. We need medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. Insurance aids us in providing the care we need for our loved ones no matter what.  Without insurance to take care of our health needs, we would be drowning in debt paying for much needed services. Disability insurance  provides income in the rare event that a person is unable to work and it is a security blanket to maintain their daily living expenses. Insurance is like water, we need it to survive. I am a firm believer in insurance, and you will never catch me without coverage. Again, I thank you for this opportunity and your belief in the future.

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