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How do you view insurance? Are you one of the many people who believe it is an overpriced burden placed upon common people by greedy companies? Or do you fall under the group of people who know how life changing insurance can be? Insurance can be seen as an institution that people put loads of money and blind faith into to protect different aspects of their lives. It may be thought of as a corporate machine rather than a group of people that care about their customers’ well-being. These people may not trust it or think it is worth it. However, there are people who realize what insurance really is and does. Insurance moves people forward in life past the inevitable misfortunes of living: totaled cars, ruined homes, fatal illnesses and injuries, job losses, the sorrow of losing a loved one. Insurance keeps people going in their weakest points of life. It gives them the financial support to overcome the heartaches and headaches of life.

Countless people can claim that insurance has had a huge positive influence on their lives. Flood insurance has salvaged a great deal of people’s homes and lives in New Orleans and other flood areas as it covered the costs of new homes and repairs. Commercial insurance has protected businesses and workers all around the country after market collapses or unexpected lay-offs and firings. Life insurance has saved masses of people across the country from high healthcare costs that were simply too expensive for the common man. My friend, Josh, was in a small accident and his auto insurance helped him pay for his car repairs. He was stopped at a stop sign when an oncoming car clipped him. His car was not totaled, but suffered significant physical damage on the front-left side of his car. His insurance allowed him to fix his car and continue driving without having to raise funds on his own.

Insurance also has small and large impacts on my personal life. Health insurance pays for my shots and vaccinations so that I can have a healthy resistance to diseases. It also pays for my yearly physical check-ups so that I can play sports every year at my high school. Years ago, insurance played a huge role in my life after one incident. A plumbing pipe in my home’s attic busted open and leaked. The water leaked downstairs through the roof into my bathroom, and spread throughout the whole house while my family and I were away. When we arrived at the house, we found standing water in the driveway and opened the door to find inches of water covering every little part of the floor. The floors had to be replaced, the carpets had to be thrown out, the pipe had to be repaired, and the bathroom below the pipe had to be completely gutted and redone. Our home insurance gave my family the tools and finances to completely fix my family’s home so that we didn’t have to stop living because of one unpreventable, one unforeseeable disaster. Without insurance, this one incident could have put the life of my family on hold for months while we struggled to pay the expenses of repairing a home, but with our insurance, we were able to start repairing it right away.

All of these different experiences are relatively common instances. Numerous people nationwide have relied on insurance to literally save their lives, homes, or loved ones. Those who are skeptical of paying for insurance, know that your money is not wasted. The money you pay for insurance should be seen as an investment into protecting your life, home, family, car, job, business, property, the list can go on and on. The value of the good service insurance has given these people cannot be expressed by those who have been hit the hardest in life. I live in Conway, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach, an area under threat from the upcoming hurricane, Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane Matthew will no doubt be a devastating experience for some, and will wreak havoc in certain areas near me, including I will be far less than shocked to hear about houses flooded, properties destroyed, or condos dismantled by the winds and rains of the storm. However, I will be even less surprised to see stories of these homes, properties, and condos being saved by the owners’ insurance companies. What people need to realize is that insurance is named after what insurance does and does quite consistently and effectively, it insures the lives of millions so that they can keep on living despite all hiccups of life.

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