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“Don’t worry, we will be fine” my mom comforted me as we were sitting in the back of an ambulance, surrounded by Officers and Fireman running around in chaos. This is the first clear memory I have involving insurance. It happened when I was a mere seven years old. My mother, brother and I were heading up north to visit my grandparents during Thanksgiving weekend. My brother and I, being young mindless kids, were sitting in the backseat of my mom’s Ford Explorer playing a lively game of tic-tac-toe. Then, all of a sudden, we were launched against our seats.  Our vehicle had rolled an estimated total of three and a half times, leaving us suspended upside down. My family and friends will never stop mocking me about what I said next, “That was better than Disney!” Now, being five, I never really understood how close we came to losing our lives that day. If it had not been for the seat belts, we likely would have. We had been hit head on by an oncoming truck in the opposite lane. I couldn’t process why my mother wasn’t more upset. After all, she had just totaled her car. How could we afford to replace it? Only now do I understand how my mother could feel so comforted after such a devastating experience. Having the proper insurance in today’s hectic world is essential as it provides comfort to families and brings benefits to communities.

There is nothing more important than the health of your loved ones, as humans we put effort into seeing that our family is healthy and well cared for. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more of a problem for American families today.  For me this brings up memories of my Aunt. Although she suffered from a rare form of brain cancer, you would never know it meeting her. She was always the light in the room. Although this was true, digging deeper you would see that my Aunt and her family were struggling for money to keep up with her health expenses. Both my Aunt and Uncle were hard working citizens who put out there full effort to provide for their three children. However, even with their savings combines the expenses that came from my Aunts disease were extensive and unrealistic. During the last month before my Aunt passed away, we were blessed to be able to spend time with her without worrying about the financial burden we were faced with. My Uncle was able to be there at her bedside a full week before she passed. She was able to have the beautiful funeral that she deserved. Without insurance none of this would have been possible. The benefits of insurance go far beyond simply the idea of money.The most overlooked property that insurance brings is comfort. Insurance allows people to worry about other more important things going on in there life rather than money.

Insurance not only protects individuals and families, it also protects large companies and corporations. No one was expecting the amount of damage that came recently from hurricane Matthew. The abundant amount of damage that took place in states such as Florida could have easily thrown local economies into a panic. Thankfully, important community places such as restaurants, grocery stores, and post offices all know the importance of having insurance. Many insurance companies work together to ensure these important corporations will be rebuilt and restored to provide for their community. I feel comforted knowing that my community has a back up plan if any natural disasters were to occur. Because many businesses are so large, when these natural disasters hit they lose unbelievable amounts of money. Thanks to wonderful insurance companies, they can rebuild quickly and still provide for their communities.

Although I have been faced with many tough situations already in my life, I feel comforted knowing that I will always be protected. I will be attending Northeastern Wisconsin Technical college next fall, with hopes to earn my associate degree in sustainable agriculture. This course educates students on modern agricultural techniques that can be used to expand food production for the world. Insurance will be especially important to me as I will be owning and operating my own market garden. Agriculture is one if not the most unpredictable careers on this earth. With the proper insurance behind my company, I will feel confident and comforted that my business is in good hands. Insurance has given people the strength to continue on with their lives without the constant worry of what may happen next, and I am truly thankful for that.

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