Lexi K

Many things in my life are uncertain, as is the nature of life. Between my father having an incredibly high risk job and my family losing our home to disaster, I have become increasingly more aware of the importance of insurance. Insurance has always been important in my life, however, whether I was aware of it or not, which I was not for most of my life.

My dad having life insurance is a necessity, due to the high risk nature of his work. My father has been a law enforcement officer of nineteen years. He has also bee on the Special Response Team (SRT) for fiftteen years, fulfilling various positions, and is now the commander of SRT. He often comes in danger’s way and his death could be a very real possibility. Due to the fact that my parents married very young, my mother does not have a college education. That means that if something were to happen to my dad, my mom is very limited as to how she could support our family. If something awful were to happen to my father, his insurance would be be our means to survival until my mom could find a way and means to support us. While I did not understand the significance of having that assurance with insurance when I was younger, I began to understand and appreciate it as I got older.

At nine in the night exactly a week before I began my senior year of high school, I watched my childhood home burn down. It was the only place I had ever lived at that point in my life, and I knew of living nowhere else. With the exception of mine and my dad’s cars, we lost almost everything we owned. The house was considered at a complete loss, so our entire house was demolished because there was no way to the the beams to the new walls. While this tragedy put an awful strain on my family, we found solace in knowing that our home would be rebuilt. My parents are constantly reminding people to update their insurance, especially home insurance, in case of a disaster. This disaster was not only unexpected, but we were underprepared as well. My parents did not update our insurance, meaning not everything is recorded in their policy.

The insurance company we were covered by was very helpful and proficient.The representatives were very friendly, and the company processed most of the paperwork in a very reasonable time frame. After hearing horror stories of insurance companies causing extended delays on the construction, we were relieved to be so reassured that things would be take care of in a reasonable manner. We were very concerned about the time frame of the rebuild, but we were assured that it would be quick, much to our relief.

They also helped us locate a place to stay, First, directly after the fire, they helped us find a place, and then when we needed to move into a more permanent place while the house is being built, they helped us find a place then as well. While it may not be the ideal situation, we are currently living in apartment, which insurance is also assisting us with the cost of. If they were paying for it, my family would be paying two housing payments. Mortgage fees must be paid, whether the physical house is standing or not. That would be the house mortgage and then the other rent payments for the apartment we are actually living in. It is difficult to begin paying two mortgages when you are used to only paying one, and adds stress to an already stressful time. Having a place to live that is covered by insurance greatly relieves much of my parents stress and anxiety,which in turn reduces my stress and anxiety. While there is nothing I can do for my parents by paying for the apartment or house, it makes me feel better knowing that the cost of the apartment that added stress from the apartment is not on their backs any longe

Clearly, insurance holds a greater value for me than most other teenageers. Due to personal circumstances I have a unique perspective on insurance the most young people do not have due to a lack of experience and understanding of the way insurance companies works. I appreciate the lessons I have been taught by my experiences, one of them being that I will never underestimate the importance of insurance. The process of rebuilding is not over yet, and I will continue to gain more experience as we continue this process.

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