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My name is Legend Cormier and I’m 17 years old. The most important insurance to me at this time in my life would be my truck insurance. First and foremost, it’s a state law to carry insurance on your vehicle. If I fail to not follow the law, I could be charged with fines and risk losing my driver’s license. Losing my license is like a death sentence.  How do I know it’s like a death sentence? When I was 16 years old I lost my driver’s license for thirty days.  Those thirty days were the longest days of my life.  Let me explain to you why I lost my license and what made me realize that having truck insurance is very important and necessary.

On my way home from school one day, I had my windows rolled down enjoying the breeze, sun shining, and listening to my music. I wanted everyone to see that I was a big shot. I was finally driving! I was driving my own truck, a truck that I worked so hard to buy with my own money. I was coming up to an intersection where the light turned red, but a friend hollered my name. Instead of stopping first then looking, I looked then pressed the breaks. I did not press the breaks fast enough and BANG!!!  I rear-ended the SUV in front of me.  I couldn’t believe what just happened. While the “so called” friend that hollered my name took off  once the light turned green laughing at me, I was faced with talking to a classmate I just rammed into with my truck. I panicked and called my mom immediately.  She instructed for me to call 9-1-1 and to stay calm and my dad would be on his way. I had to face an adult situation with police involved and if it wasn’t for my parents guiding me and providing me with liability insurance; we could have lost our home and money. Thankfully no one was hurt. There were minor damages to the SUV and a little dent in my truck but thankfully we all walked away. I was not given a ticket because I was considered a minor, however, I was given a court date.

I was so nervous to appear in front of a judge.  The courtroom was full of teenagers and their parents. I had to stand up in front of everyone and explain to the judge the reason for my wreck. Once I explained to him the sequence of events, he gave me my sentencing.  I had to go meet the clerk and turn in my driver’s license and received twenty-five hours of community service.  All this had to be done within a month for me to be able to receive my driver’s license back.

Honestly, this was a wake-up call for me. I always looked at paying for insurance as a waste of money. My mom would always explain to me the importance of it but I never understood it until I got into this wreck. I also never understood why my mom would always tell me to be careful until this happened to me. Getting into this wreck had several consequences but because I paid for insurance, the classmate’s vehicle was covered to get fixed. My vehicle was fixed and everyone was taken care of by our insurance. If I didn’t have insurance, I could have faced a much bigger fine and lost my license for a lot longer than thirty days.  Even though this was a minor wreck and no one was majorly hurt, my insurance protected me and my parents. They handled the claim once it came in. My agent went out and evaluated the damages and provided the estimate required to fix the SUV.  Neither I nor my parents had to deal with his parents on negotiating funds to repair the damages I caused.

Today, I am more cautious when I am driving. Even though my truck insurance protected me, I now pay a higher premium because of this wreck.  It is clearer to me the reason it’s important to pay insurance. I am protected every time I’m on the road. My truck is protected too. One of the most expensive luxuries I pay for.  It also protects the passengers in my truck.  Having coverage protects not only me but also other driver’s property and medical expenses.  My truck insurance gives be peace of mind for my own financial protection.

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