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Insurance is significant for many different reasons. When something bad happens a person needs to have a backup plan in place to repair or fix what has been damaged. Insurance is the backup plan. Car insurance, life insurance, house insurance, water damage insurance, fire damage insurance, health insurance and liability insurance are important for different reasons.

Car insurance is one of the most important types of insurance. When a person is behind the wheel of a car driving he or she is putting his or herself at risk, any passengers, and all other drivers at the time he or she is driving at risk. People die, get hurt bad, and get hurt, hurt cars, or total cars every day because if a person makes one mistake behind the wheel of a car it could be deadly. People make mistakes every day and no one is perfect. This means there are a lot of wrecks. Wrecks can be from driving too slow (car pile-up, getting hit while crossing the road), too fast, not looking before crossing the road or not looking when turning on to the road, failing to see stop light or stop sign, getting distracted behind the wheel, and an animal or piece of wood for example being in the road. When a person gets in a wreck the car is not the important thing. The important thing is that the drivers and passengers are okay. Car insurance not only pays for medical bills it also pays some of the car off. After a person gets out of the hospital and is okay after an accident the car becomes important for work, school, or grocery shopping. Car insurance is fundamental.

Life insurance is also fundamental. People die every day. Sometimes people die with huge medical bills. When a person dies people are already sad and stressed. The last thing loved ones need to do is worry about money to pay for a funeral service and coffin. Life insurance helps pay the bill and compensate a person for losing someone he or she loves, so he or she can be happy. Life insurance is something everyone needs.

House insurance is important, because many people have homes. People need homes to have a place to stay and be comfortable. Homes can go through any number of bad occurrences. Homes can be vandalized or burned down. Homes can be stolen from or a tree can fall on a house and damage it. A tornado could come through and tear down a house. House insurance is used to cover the cost of the house and the furniture inside the house if the house or the furniture is damaged or stolen. House insurance is very important for this reason. House insurance plans have all types of insurance in them such as fire damage and water damage. Fire damage insurance is important to have because it is easy to leave on a stove or a stove top and start a fire. Fireworks could randomly go off or an electrical cord (something used every day) could short out causing a fire. When fires happen people can die, but the house is always damaged in some way. Water damage insurance is important, because it rains every year. Water damage can cause the roof to cave in and pools of water to be in the house. Water in the house causes mold and other damage. The electricity will not work and the furniture and walls are ruined. Water damage causes so much damage that it is important to have in a person’s house insurance plan. Tornado and storm damage insurance is important to have in the life insurance plan because storms are unpredictable and happen in certain months. Storm damage can be very bad for a house. House insurance is extremely important.

Liability insurance is also important. Places like parks, amusement parks, water parks, and playgrounds make it easy for a person to get hurt. These places are important however, and if people had to pay out of pocket when people got hurt less of them would exist. Liability insurance makes it to where the insurance pays when a person gets hurt at these and other places. People need to get better but people need not to have to pay a big deal, too. Liability insurance is important for this reason.

Health insurance is also very important. People get sick or hurt each and every day. Hospital bills are very high. Health insurance helps pay the bill so a person can get better and not end up in debt or with a huge bill. Health insurance is necessary for this reason.

In conclusion, insurance is very important. Everyone needs certain types of insurance. Automobile, Life, house, liability, and health insurance are some of the most important types of insurance. When something bad happens insurance helps. How can a person pay for bad occurrences otherwise?

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