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Insurance is important to me because I need it to go to the doctor. I have two beautiful young children. Not only do I get sick but they get sick too. My immune system is better than theirs. They are going to be sick more than I will. I need health insurance so that I am able to take them to the doctor when need be. If i do not have health insurance, I am going to have to pay out of pocket. Being a single parent, it is no that easy. I a may not have the money to pay for the visit at that moment. Having the insurance will allow me to get them seen. Not only will they be seen but I will not have to come out of pocket with so much money. Health insurance is also important to me because I may have to go to the hospital one day. If I go to the hospital and I do not have insurance, I am going to have a very expensive bill. That expensive bill is going to put me in a lot of debt. Who wants to have debt? I do not want that for my kids and I. If I have to have surgery for any reason, I want to be at peace. I do not want to be worried about how I am going to pay for it, or should I get the surgery because I do not have the money for it. That is not the life I want to live. I work in the Operating room. I see so many people who have been needing surgery but did not get it because they did not have the insurance to do so. This is an dangerous act. We should all have a worry free life. If we need to go to the doctor, have surgery or get seen by a doctor for any reason, we should be able to do that. We all know that insurance is not free, so we have to pay for it I pay for insurance because I want to be worry free. If i need to see a doctor, I will go. If my kids nee need to see a doctor, they will go. I refuse to know i need insurance to stay healthy, and still not get insurance. To me, that is an act of ignorance. Everyone gets sick at some point in their life. Some people do not get insurance because they never get sick. That one day is going to come when you do get sick, and you do not have any insurance. I refuse to take that risk. My life is too important to me and so are my kids life. I work with some of the nicest doctors. They have all worked hard to get where they are. Some of them have been practicing for a decade and are still paying on student loans. They work hard for a living and so do we. We expect to get paid for what we do, and they should too. Our insurance is what pays out doctors. If you go to the hospital with no insurance, some hospitals can not refuse to see you If they have to see you, with no insurance, they do not get paid. Is that fair to them? Would you work for free? Yes it is nice of them to work somewhere knowing they may not get paid some times but they work very hard to get where they are. They have student loans and bills just like everyone else. Their student loans are much more expensive than most. Working in the healthcare field, I have grown to look at health insurance differently. I need health insurance to continue to be healthy. My kids need health insurance to continue to be healthy. I want health insurance because I want the people who take care of me to continue to be happy about what they are doing. The only way to do that is to be fair, by paying them. It is so many people dying because they need surgery or to be seen by a doctor but can not because they have no insurance. That is no way to live. It is so much easier to pay your monthly insurance bill, so that you and your family feel secure. You will not have to worry about the what ifs. You will always be able to go to the doctor when you need to, Insurance is assurance

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