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Insurance has truly done a lot my family, we have had multiple different accidents occur to us. Everyone in my immediate family has had a car accident. My father having the worst one out of all of us. That in itself says much due to the fact that my dad has had over six and mom more so. My dad had a wreck right before I was born with my grandfather and they were hit on the side. The area that they were in was near my home and we live on one of the worst roads in our area due to the fact we live on top of a very steep hill. My dad was hit and the car flipped down part of the hill on to get stuck on a tree. The dad had his mandible broke, and most of the skin on his face was ripped most of the way off. My dad was unable to speak for many months due to the fact his entire left side of his face was stitched together. My dad now has multiple massive scars covering the majority of his face. I am now eighteen and the scars are still extremely visible. If it was not for the health and car insurance we would not have kept our house or gotten a new car. My dad was of course in the hospital for many days and he had to have multiple doctor visits. I was not yet born at this point so I am just going off of what my dad has told me. Something that I do remember from when I was very young was when my grandfather died. He never had any insurance of any kind. So when he died when I was seven we were stuck with all of his bills since my dad was his only kid. We had to put our house up for collateral for a loan for his funeral cost, and medical costs. He passed away eleven years ago and we are still paying off the bills due to how many things that have happened to our family we have had many different things to just come up that have put us back on getting it fully paid off. I mentioned that we have all wrecked our cars in my family. Thankfully for my sister when she wrecked her car she had gap insurance. She had the car for only three months and she happened to wreck her car on the same road my dad wrecked on. She flipped her car multiple times but thankfully she did not flip down the hill like my dad. However, she still has back problems from the wreck so again health insurance has really helped with the bills. The gap insurance though really helped because she did not have to pay anything on the car afterward. If she would have went without gap insurance then she would have owed a couple thousand dollars on the car due to the fact she bought a car with not the best resale value. So in that case gap insurance and health insurance truly saved her and us a lot of money. We have many different incidents of needing health insurance besides car wrecks. For myself, health insurance truly helped us because I had to go under multiple cardiac tests to find out what my heart was doing. It turned out that my heart was getting signals late to know when I would stand up so my heart beat needed extra time to speed up. However, it took months of blood work, stress tests, and sonograms to find the problem with my heart. I was also placed with a heart monitor for a couple weeks in itself was extremely expensive so our health insurance helped take the hit on us financially. This happened five years ago to me and even though we are still paying the bills it is still much less than if we did not have insurance. For my dad two years ago he was diagnosed with COPD, only after my mom forced him into testing due to how his breathing was. He would stop breathing in the middle of his sleep and with his occupatio, it made things harder. My dad is a welder and with that occupation comes with a lot of metal shavings getting into his lungs. Most people have to worry about dust for the most part. My dad has to worry about metal shavings, dust, and second-hand smoke. Many people my dad work with smokes. My dad used to smoke himself but he decided to quit to help improve his health for both himself and everyone else in the house. Even though my dad quit smoking he still had trouble breathing because of work. So health insurance helped us pay for the sleeping and breathing tests that he had to undergo. So insurance in general has truly saved my family a lot of heartache and has just made things manageable on us.

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