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Insurance is a fun thing to negotiate, isn’t it? We call the company and speak with them for about an hour trying to get some form of protection for ourselves, because we know at some point in our lives we are going to mess up and need some financial help to get our life back on track. So we send a certain amount of money to the company every month and hope and pray we will never have to use it. But we all know 99% of us are going to need it one day or another. I always find it funny that I used to complain that there was no way that I was going to send my hard-earned money to some random place and hoped that it wasn’t stolen, or lost, or worse. My parents paid for my insurance at the time, but I always said that it was money just thrown down the drain. But that was before December 10, 2014.

It was a cold Wednesday night and I had just left my church`s youth service and was driving home in my old 2006 grey Ford Escape. In my backseat was J.B, my annoying 14 year old brother who for the life of him couldn`t seem to leave my other sibling in the car, sweet little 7 year old MacKenzie, alone for more than 10 seconds. He kept pulling her ponytailed blonde hair and sticking his tongue out like a 5 year old would and then would have the audacity to moan and complain to me anytime she swung at him.

I was getting a bit frustrated at my younger brother`s playground antics and was getting ready to chew him out and demand that he stop his foolishness and go back to playing his boring little PSP, whenever I felt this weird sensation. The only way I ever been able to explain the feeling to someone is have them sit down for a little while and then randomly and suddenly jump up. The blackness and vision loss from the blood rushing to your head is exactly what I experienced that night. As I turned around to yell at him for continuing to antagonize his sister, the blackness and vision loss hit me at once. I was so scared because for the next 15 seconds, all I heard was screaming.

I was later told during my blackout period; I veered to the right side of the road, corrected slightly and then continued my path off the main road. I was driving inside a ditch for 5-7 seconds, depending on who you ask, before they all ended with this (with different variations of speech): “And suddenly the ditch ended with a culvert and you used that sucker like the world`s craziest stunt ramp!”

While I don`t actually remember losing consciousness and ramping the car, I do recall in vivid detail the landing. I remember all 6 barrel rolls of the car, me smashing my face on the steering wheel, eventually rolling over the barbed wire fence, and eventually landing on said fence and having to climb out through the window because the door was jammed shut. I can tell you all about waving down some passerby who apparently witnessed the crash and just dropping to my knees before remembering the fact that my siblings were still in the car.

As I ran over quite wobbly to the car, I feared and expected the worst. Out of what I could see through my right eye (my left one was swollen shut), the car was a total wreck and I thought that there was no way that I was going to hear JB telling corny and dumb jokes again or watch MacKenzie do her gym routine for the 100th time, because I knew in my gut they were gone.

But apparently  my gut was wrong, because as I got to the car, I could see my allies who had witnessed my wreck pulling JB and MacKenzie out of the car and broke down in tears when I heard my blonde headed sister talking and asking if everyone was  OK and JB asking if anyone had seen his PSP battery (which apparently flew out of the car during the crash) and was searching the ground to see if he could find it (he never did).Soon the ambulance came and took me away and made me spend about half the night in the hospital. Throughout the entire night, I was the only one to receive an injury beside cuts and scrapes, and that was my black eye, which I wore proudly for some reason.

But my biggest concern that night was how my parents were going to pay for not only our medical bills, but also our towing fees for the wrecked Escape and how we would ever afford a new car for me. But my lovely parents put my mind to ease when they informed a few days later that the insurance I always called a waste of money and useless to have would actually cover most of the stuff.

Now that I have that personal experience and know what it feels like to be covered and insured, I have never missed a single payment on my insurance, because as I learned that night, you NEVER know when or why you might need that financial help!

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